Mistake maker!!


Are you one who keep on doing mis­takes?? What I belive is Mis­takes are obvi­ous­ly are step­ping stones towards learn­ing, like we tell kids we all at a point com­mit mis­take.

5 impor­tant things I learned from my mis­takes:

  1. My mis­takes made me strong : Yes, my mis­takes has given me steps towards my per­son­al­i­ty as each mis­take made me strong as taught me not to com­mit me.
  2. My mis­takes made me focused: It made me focused as I always tried my next step should not repeat same mis­take.
  3. I learned to be more truth­ful and I learned to accept my mis­takes.
  4. My mis­takes are only mine I can’t blame any­one for my mis­takes.
  5. Mis­takes make me real­ize that mis­take could be com­mit­ted by any­one at any age.

Have you ever com­mit­ted mis­takes?? Check out prompts for this #Wed­Shad­ow

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Todays Prompts:

  1. — Write about mak­ing mis­takes and accept­ing them.
  2. . What make was your first bike or car? share your expe­ri­ence of own­ing it. Do you still have it?

Pic­ture Prompt : 


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  1. I agree with your views on mis­takes made. I always try to own up to mis­takes and as I look back, I now view them as missed oppor­tu­ni­ties and not mis­takes. I have learned a lot from such past and believe it will define me in my growth process.

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