Stand­ing in front of the mir­ror and prais­ing your­self is what every Indi­an girl does once in a life­time, and so I did. 

Miss India is one such title which I always want­ed to feel. One dream!! Big stage !! Mil­lion hopes !! Best jury !! India’s best design­ers out­fits. What else can a girl dream for? 

If you have fol­lowed my Miss India 2017 cov­er­age, you must have seen the­se 30 girls from every state looked stun­ning in beau­ti­ful out­fits by India’s lead­ing design­er Nam­rata Joshipu­ra. 

Well, the­se girls looked stun­ning in the­se amaz­ing col­lec­tion by NAMRATA JOSHIPURA

Do you know the motive of fbb it believes in  Mak­ing India beau­ti­ful ” and keep­ing their promise fbb brings for every girl “Miss India wali feel­ing” col­lec­tion inspired by the MISS INDIA range for the MISS INDIA in you designed by NAMRATA JOSHIPURA.

Col­lec­tion itself speaks its style and trendy look. 

I have tried and cre­at­ed 3 looks which I loved a lot per­son­al­ly.

LOOK 1: Casual yet stylish 

Orange Crop top: Rs 999 /- 

This crop top is so well to go with any den­im and will add style to your dress­ing. I paired it with my blue den­im. 

LOOK 2: Indian fusion style 

Kur­ti: Rs 1299/- 

Well, this is which I real­ly not clicked me at first but when I tried I just loved the tex­ture and style of this kur­ti. Paired it with black palaz­zo. 

LOOK 3: Party hard

One piece blue dress: Rs 1499/- 

Blue is what get­ting my fav the­se days and so this is now in my wardrobe sim­ple yet classy design by Nam­rata Joshipu­ra. 

Every col­lec­tion will sure give you ” Miss India wali feel­ing”.  Check out col­lec­tion in near­est store and #wear­what­missin­di­awearn­ing 

Check out full cov­er­age here on my youtube chan­nel: 

Pho­tog­ra­phy: Mayank Verma(better half makes me look more beau­ti­ful 😉 ) 

Don’t for­get to post your love­ly com­ments …


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54 Thoughts to “Miss India Wali Feeling — Namrata Joshipura collection”

  1. Zainab

    Wow Ruchie all the­se dress­es look good on you!!! Super lucky!!!

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks zzzzzzz

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for vis­it­ing !!

  2. Wow! You look so beau­ti­ful in every dress you wore here. Amaz­ing pic­tures.

  3. Oh wow, you look fab­u­lous in every dress. Lucky you.. ?

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear

  4. Nice cov­er­age of the event, great col­lec­tion and pic­tures look beau­ti­ful

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dar­ling

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Joshita JJ

    You look so pret­ty. Loved the orange top the most. Great post ?

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks Jo ..I loved it too 

  6. Thats an awe­some feel­ing when you feel like miss india. All your dress­es are look­ing fab­u­lous. I like that top so much and its rea­son­able too.

    1. wigglingpen

      Yup it’s real­ly nice 

  7. You look awsome in all the pic­tures. I must say I love read­ing your post. Orange top is just superb.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thank you so much for lik­ing this 🙂

  8. Mrinal

    Nam­rata josh­puria is a great designr and must say all the dress­es are fab!

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks a lot

  9. I loved your 1st cold shoul­der top… Its so trendy… Looks amaz­ing on you..

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear

  10. You are look­ing so beau­ty­ful in all the out­fit… I liked your first one out­fit main­ly the top … ??

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear

  11. Wow it’s amaz­ing… You are look­ing so pretty…i love that orange crop top…

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear ..I loved that too …

  12. All the out­fits are stun­ning… my favorite is the blue dress

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks Deepika.. it’s in my wardrobe now 

  13. Great col­lec­tion, espe­cial­ly the kur­ti. You look good in all

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear

  14. Shub

    Am very curi­ous to read more about FBB and the Miss India here in your blog. Loved your looks espe­cial­ly Indi­an fusion.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dear

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  16. I love the cold shoul­der top. Looks super pret­ty.

  17. Anonymous

    Beau­ti­ful pic­tures of beau­ti­ful ladies and styl­ish attire. 🙂 

    My expe­ri­ence of the the fash­ion indus­try in the west is a less pos­i­tive one, for a very long time the indus­try has favored and pro­mot­ed very slim wom­en to a point that some­times young girls make them selves ill in a bid to fit this stereo­type. unfor­tu­nate­ly, then it becomes unhealthy. we are mak­ing pro­gress slow­ly and now talk about ‘plus size’ mod­els that are cel­e­brat­ed for their nat­u­ral beau­ty too. We still have a long way to go though. I hope you don’t mind me men­tion­ing this and it is a very short sum­mery of my expe­ri­ence. I won­dered how this com­pares to the indus­try in India?

  18. You look super hot in all the dress­es, loved the orange one espe­cial­ly

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dearie

  19. Love the orange crop top. I would for sure buy it from the near­est FBB store.

    1. wigglingpen


  20. Wow! That must have made you feel spe­cial. Love­ly out­fits ??

  21. Wow Ruchie this posts is such a visu­al delight. From the moment I had seen you blog link I was wait­ing to read the entire posts since the top­ic is so amaz­ing. Loved the posts thor­ough­ly and I am for sure going to check out their col­lec­tion soon.

  22. Total­ly Miss India waali feel­ing. Loved your looks espe­cial­ly the orange top and blue dress! 🙂

  23. Wow! You look great Ruchi. I love all the out­fits espe­cial­ly the orange top is my favourite.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks Deepa

  24. Wow all of them looked great on you! Dress is fab­u­lous and loved kur­ti as well. ?? col­lec­tion! 🙂

  25. Wow all of them looked great on you! Dress is fab­u­lous and loved kur­ti as well. Great col­lec­tion! ?

  26. Seems you had good expe­ri­ence at the event. And all your pic­tures are awe­some.

  27. Jasmeet

    Wow you tru­ly look like miss india… loved the first top the most awe­some col­lec­tion

  28. What a love­ly col­lec­tion. Each piece is stun­ning but the blue dress is my favourite!

  29. They shud have cho­sen you as a mod­el for their brand. You look sim­ply stun­ning. Loved the first one. Good col­lec­tion.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks that’s a big com­pli­ment!!

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