Mermaid Prom Dresses: Do They Suit My Body Shape?

If you are thinking about the up and coming Prom dance, your thoughts will no doubt turn to dress styles, and if you want to jump on the current mermaid style trend, this article was written with you in mind. The mermaid dress really does hug your figure, with that stylish flare that goes down to the ground, yet some girls fear they might not have the figure for such a bold design. With that in mind, here are the body shapes that can really pull off the mermaid look.

Mermaid Prom Dresses
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The Shapely Girl – If you’ve got the curves, why not flaunt it? The mermaid design is the ideal style for a girl with impressive vital statistics, and perhaps a single color is better than a pattern. If you order your dress online, make sure you have time to have the gown adjusted by a local seamstress for that perfect fit. The hourglass look is best paired with a high-necked design, and it would never hurt to ask a good friend for her considered opinion when looking at mermaid style prom dresses.

The Tall Girl – Tall women are made for the mermaid style, and if you have a fuller figure, that extra height makes it work. Check out the great 2020 selection of mermaid prom dresses from a leading online boutique, with stunning designer gowns at affordable prices from leading designers such as Jovanni and Sherri Hill. An up hair-do would be ideal for such a gown, and with diamond pear-drop earrings and matching necklace, you are ready to rock!

Curvy Body Shape – Made for a mermaid dress, if you are full-busted girl, you can view the stunning mermaid style prom gowns available from the online boutique, and make sure you choose a color that best shows off your skin tone. Avoid anything with a very low neckline, for obvious reasons. If you have a dark skin tone, rose gold is perfect for your jewelry, as it contrasts well with your skin tone.

The Petite Girl – The mermaid style is certainly suitable for the petite framed girl, and with high heels, you will look much taller, which helps proportion the fitted look of a mermaid dress. Talk to your friends about what they are wearing and give them a hint, which will ensure that you don’t select a similar gown, which would be disastrous for you both. It might take a while to find the right gown, but the perfect dress is out there somewhere, and searching online boutiques is a great place to start your quest for the perfect prom dress.

Mermaid Prom Dresses
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If you have the figure to pull off a mermaid dress, then you should be bold and accentuate those curves, and with the right hair-do and accessories, your prom night will be one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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