Mental health and wellness- The future

Mental health and wellness- The future

January 25, 2021 26 By Ruchi Verma

Mental wellness and health is now the topmost priority in every person, family, workplace, and entire society today. COVID-19 was tough for every individual, but people who are already suffering from any sort of disease like breathing issues, asthma, diabetes have major mental tension along with their entire family.

A survey by Oracle which they published in their press release mentioned that “82% of People Believe Robots Can Support their Mental Health Better Than Humans.” which strongly shows we need to take care of our mental health.

How to address mental health for a better future?

It’s important to address and keep on checking with some ways your or your loved one’s mental health. Sharing 3 important ways to check the mental wellness of your family and friends.

1. Communicate:

Ongoing pandemic, loss of lives, losing loved ones because of COVID-19, or anything else at home front or professional front can give you mental stress or depression. Communication is the key factor to understand other’s mental issues.

Send your friends, family member, colleagues, subordinates a set of questions as “pulse checks” with simple questions “How are you feeling?” and “What’s giving you the greatest stress this week?” and let them know, they can trust you and talk if they feel stress. Open your doors to communicate.

2. Know the signs of distress

It’s so important to understand and have knowledge about the signs of distress. This will help you figure out your loved ones or friends, colleagues’ mental state.

3. Encourage Self care

Create an environment at home, your workplace, with your friends and let them understand the value of self-care. Tell them self care doesn’t mean being selfish (I know people who think like that). Encourage them to take out time for their hobbies and do things which make them happy.

Mental Health


Good mental health means when you work productively, very well can cope with the daily stress of life, give 100% to your job and you know your potential. Even I feel stressed out some days and of time but it’s so important to a checklist for good mental health which means:

1. Feel confident in your job.
2. Feeling positive and optimistic towards life and situations.
3. You have goals set in life.
4. You feel happy about yourself.
5. You don’t blame yourself for any unwanted or bad situation.

Our future is very much dependent on our happiness, health and it definitely includes mental wellbeing.

Stay healthy, Stay happy!!

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