Hel­lo read­ers,

Well, what to tell you about the­se won­der­ful prod­ucts which I got a just a cou­ple of days back.

If you want a real opin­ion seri­ous­ly I don’t like to write any­thing here.….

Sur­prised why? Come on.… After a long time I got some­thing where I would love to pen down my feel­ing …ah not real­ly through my lap­top or my iPad but yes.…my heart says ” Ruchi come on take out your pen and write..”

Oops !!! M sor­ry let me intro­duce to you won­der­ful prod­ucts of MATRIKAS ??

Well, the­se are the prod­ucts I am talk­ing about …

Let’s get into details now …I am sure you would fall in love after read­ing this …

Let’s have a look on its first pro­duct

1.                               VIVEKANANDA JOURNAL 

I would love to pen down my feel­ings in a way of small ded­i­ca­tion in a form of poem


Men are more valu­able than all the wealth of the world,

And I say val­ues are very impor­tant than wealth of world 

So men with val­ue means we got per­fect world,

This jour­nal in your hand,

Will nev­er go you wrong,

Each page says what’s right and what wrong,

You will nev­er for­get your impor­tant notes,

And dri­ve accord­ing to your action plans,

Orga­nize your sched­ule to get best in life,

Opti­mize your lists all in one page and mon­th wise,

Noth­ing can go wrong, 

every page is smooth and ready to cre­ate a new his­to­ry “ 

I am gift­ing this to my mom

She loves to write and fol­low say­ing of Swami VIVEKANANDA Ji. It’s a per­fect gift for a lady who is so pure of heart and val­ue for val­ues.

2.                      Toss & Nut (6 Sub­ject Note­book) 

Toss & Nrut are per­fect for catch­ing col­lege first,

Look and cov­er is amaz­ing,

Will sure make you in your col­lege hap­pen­ing,

It’s a 6 sub­ject note­book,

But dude it got all that you say a cool look,

Noth­ing can match this noth­ing can go wrong, 

Car­ry this note­book and impres­sion is full on,

Pages are smooth like bike goes zoom,

Divid­ing 6 sub­jects with col­or­ful rooms ”

Well this pro­duct I am real­ly impressed with …wow what a look I loved it

It’s per­fect for any col­lege going boys and girls, just pick up and go paper qual­i­ty is amaz­ing and yes you don’t have to put book­marks to divide sub­jects as it’s divid­ed into cool pleas­ing col­ored pages inside.

It’s a per­fect gift for your teenage daugh­ter or son ..well I already com­plet­ed my col­lege and so going to gift my younger sis­ter she will def­i­nite­ly going to enjoy.

3.                   CUBE WORKS 

Per­fect for office, acad­e­my and pri­vate.

Don’t let your deal go make action plans and go…

You will nev­er go wrong if your to-do list is on…

Don’t miss to call some­one as you don’t have his num­ber…

Save your friends and clients with con­tact page in behind…

Every­thing will be per­fect if your month­ly bud­get is per­fect…

Make a note of expens­es you do …

Man­age your account as cube works is with you.” 

Well well, this is per­fect for any man­ager, teacher, pri­vate com­pa­ny employ­ee …any­one who want to keep all thing at one handy place and impor­tant safe.

This cube works from MATRIKAS gives every­thing in hand it’s best for teach­ers too it’s small in size and can be fit any­place …

Well you can man­age so many things with it like

1. Main­tain your per­son­al data 

2. Make action plans 

3. Make to-do list

4. Man­age con­tacts

5. Per­fect man­age your account sum­ma­ry too.

Hats off to all 3 won­der­ful prod­ucts from MATRIKAS .….


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