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Journey in #HalfMarathon not only taught me how to keep updated my blog but also I have gained so much knowledge from cobloggers in #DailyChatter …

As of last day of #HalfMarathon would like to share this post as I dedicated my 15 days post on marriage so concluding quoting that “I’m blessed with a lovely married life & kids … “

Thanks to my most supportive, caring, understanding & leaving no stones to bring smile on my face my hubby… Who always pushed me to keep do something creative & posting on blog!!

Marriage is certainly not only packing tiffin boxes in morning & ending up cleaning kitchen selves or starting day with job targets but it’s definitely find out inner talents of one another & encouraging with full support!!

Cheers to all wonderful couple who are following here and adapting this in life & all singles who will one day proof that they are going to be best life partner!!!

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#DailyChatter #HalfMarathon Day Fifteen

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