Lucknow — Tunde ka Kabab


Luc­know has always been known as a mul­ti­cul­tur­al city that flour­ished as a North Indi­an cul­tur­al and artis­tic hub and seat of Nawab pow­er in the 18th and 19th cen­turies.

If you are in Luc­know and live food as a food­ie fam­i­ly I tell you dare not to miss TUNDE KA KABAB 


There is an inter­est­ing sto­ry behind the orig­in of the Tun­day Kabab. The sto­ry goes as fol­lows — There was once a Nawab (roy­al fam­i­ly mem­ber) who real­ly loved to have kababs, but as age caught up with him, he lost his teeth and was unable to enjoy the kababs. He appar­ent­ly setup a con­test that who­ev­er cre­at­ed the soft­est and most suc­cu­lent kababs would enjoy roy­al patron­age hence­forth.

The secret recipe was cre­at­ed by Haji Murad Ali, who appar­ent­ly had only one hand. In India, a per­son with a leg dis­abil­i­ty is called Langdey, while a per­son with a hand dis­abil­i­ty is called Tun­day, hence the name Tun­day Kabab. The secret recipe appar­ent­ly has 160 spices (who knew there were 160 spices out there) includ­ing San­dal­wood. The recipe is a fam­i­ly secret and is passed down to the gen­er­a­tions by the ladies of the house.


Try it with their paran­tha or Rumali roti. Don’t for­get to order their Mut­ton Biryani and tan­doori chick­en

We ordered 2 plates kabab(mutton) 4 rumali roti and tan­doori chick­en and paid 250rs/- and it was amaz­ing and yum­my

I give it 10/10 …

There are many chains of same name restau­rants but if you want real and Orig­i­nal it’s ONLY avail­able only in

Aminabad › Naaz Cin­e­ma Road, Aminabad, Luc­know


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