Complete List Of Long Weekends 2023 To Plan Holidays

2023 is here and so this year brings along long weekends to complete your bucket list and plan holidays and vacations with your family, friends, and loved ones. Who doesn’t mind an extra day off to enjoy quality time with family?

This year brings special holidays with long weekends to plan better and prepare your holiday calendar for 2023.

Here, we bring you every month-long weekend in 2023 to book your dates and plan your trips.

Long Weekends

2023 Long Weekends List

Every month is filled not only with different weather but also with long weekends to enjoy and have fun, you just need to plan your destination as per your choice and pocket.

The month of August weekends and September weekends are filled with holidays and need to be planned before train or flight tickets to avoid the last minutes of chaos.

January 26th JanuaryThursdayRepublic Day
27th JanuaryFridayTake Day OFF
28th JanuarySaturdayWeekend
29th JanuarySundayWeekend
March8th MarchWednesdayHoli
9th MarchThursdayTake Day OFF
10th MarchFridayTake Day OFF
11th MarchSaturdayWeekend
12th MarchSundayWeekend
April7th AprilFridayGood Friday
8th AprilSaturdayWeekend
9th AprilSundayWeekend
May5th MayFridayBuddha Purnima
6th MaySaturdayWeekend
7th MaySundayWeekend
June29th JuneThursdayBakri-Eid
30th JuneFridayTake Day OFF
1st JulySaturdayWeekend
2nd JulySundayWeekend
August12th AugustSaturdayWeekend
13th AugustSundayWeekend
14th AugustMondayTake Day OFF
15th AugustTuesdayIndependence Day
16th AugustWednesdayParsi New Year
26th AugustSaturdayWeekend
27th AugustSundayWeekend
28th AugustMondayTake Day OFF
29th AugustTuesdayOnam
30th AugustWednesdayRaksha Bandhan
September7th SeptemberThursdayJanmashtami
8th SeptemberFridayTake Day OFF
9th SeptemberSaturdayWeekend
10th SeptemberSundayWeekend
16th SeptemberSaturdayWeekend
17th SeptemberSundayWeekend
18th SeptemberMondayTake Day OFF
19th SeptemberTuesdayGanesh Chaturthi
October30th SeptemberSaturdayWeekend
1st OctoberSundayWeekend
2nd OctoberMondayGandhi Jayanti
21st OctoberSaturdayWeekend
22nd OctoberSundayWeekend
23rd OctoberMondayTake Day OFF
24th OctoberTuesdayDussehra
November11th NovemberSaturdayWeekend
12th NovemberSundayDiwali
13th NovemberMondayGovardhan Pooja
14th NovemberTuesdayBhai Dooj
December23rd DecemberSaturdayWeekend
24th DecemberSundayWeekend
25th DecemberMondayChristmas

You just have to take off 9 days in a year to enjoy your travel and vacations as the year 2023 is full of long weekends to enjoy. So, when you are planning your long weekend trip don’t forget to share with us.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list of long weekend can definitely help me plan my holidays better. Last year was really hectic so we are looking forward to this year.

  2. Long weekends are a saviour sometimes in the routine of daily life – give us the break we really need. Thanks for sharing this list my mind is already running to think what needs to be planned and when.

  3. Thank you for sharing this long weekend list. It will surely help me plan for my road trip and other travels if possible by clubbing a few days here and there.

  4. I also note down these long weekend holidays at the start of every year. It helps in planning trips and weekend getaways. Just check Holi, I think it is on 6th & 7th according to hindu calender. I planned a trip around 9th, booked everything then the list was declared.

  5. Long weekends are definitely much beneficial to help us plan our trips. This combined list is super useful to plan and book the dates for tickets in advance. Thanks much for sharing

  6. Vacations are the best time to spend some quality time with family and friends and long weekends are the only saviour one can rely upon. The year has ample opportunities, well now as the dates are set we need to zero in down the destinations.

  7. What a useful post this is, shall help a lot in advance planning. Thanks a lot for sharing the long weekends. Book marking your post

  8. I am so glad to read this post, such a list of holidays, and is always a happy to read. GLad to have them handy so that you can plan your vacations and book in advance.

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