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My daugh­ter came from school and was hap­py as she was select­ed to speak a “Thought of a day” she jumped and told me
“Mum­ma I have to speak Thought of a day tomor­row and teacher said you have to be well pre­pared and if you don’t find you can search one from GOOGLE
I was like ok my 7 year old lit­tle baby is so excit­ed even I thought yes go search your­self and tell me which thought of a day you select­ed and I will make sure you pre­pare it well .…
She was on iPad look­ing in Google try­ing to search and I saw some unwant­ed things are pop­ping up which as a par­ent I real­ly don’t want my kid to look up.…
Lit­tle spelling mis­take take them to dif­fer­ent sites.…
I was not sure what to do as now a days more than half of the stud­ies are real­ly based on Inter­net search .……be it project or assign­ment or any­thing
But then while look­ing into all the­se I got to know about


Kid­dle is a kid safe visu­al search engine from gog­gle


How is Kid­dle designed specif­i­cal­ly for kids?

1. Safe search : Sites appear­ing in Kid­dle search results sat­is­fy fam­i­ly friend­ly require­ments, as it fil­ter sites with explic­it or decep­tive con­tent.


2. Kids ori­ent­ed results : Safe sites and pages writ­ten specif­i­cal­ly for kids. Hand­picked and checked by Kid­dle edi­tors.

Safe, trust­ed sites that are not writ­ten specif­i­cal­ly for kids, but have con­tent writ­ten in a sim­ple way, easy for kids to under­stand. Hand­picked and checked by Kid­dle edi­tors.
Safe, famous sites that are writ­ten for adults, pro­vid­ing expert con­tent, but are hard­er for kids to under­stand. Fil­tered by Google safe search.


3. Big thumb­nails: most Kid­dle search results are illus­trat­ed with big thumb­nails, which makes it eas­ier to scan the results, dif­fer­en­ti­ate between them, and click the most appro­pri­ate results to your query. Thumb­nails serve as visu­al clues and are espe­cial­ly ben­e­fi­cial to kids as they don’t read as fast as adults.


4. Large Ari­al font in Kid­dle search results pro­vides bet­ter read­abil­i­ty for kids.


5. Pri­va­cy: it don’t col­lect any per­son­al­ly iden­ti­fi­able infor­ma­tion, and logs are delet­ed every 24 hours.

In case you find any inap­pro­pri­ate site com­ing in result you can drop a mes­sage on KIDDLE

Even in case of inap­pro­pri­ate words which should be expli­cat­ed.

image  image

and if your kid­do try to find out mean­ing of say “Nasty ” it will not give you any result as it has been explicit­ed by Kid­dle


I am quite relaxed that my kid is not going to find out some­thing which she should not at her age.

You can eas­i­ly search hap­pi­ly with your kid on

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  1. This is real­ly a good infor­ma­tion. Because we can’t leave our chil­dren alone on com­put­er. You nev­er know what kind of pic­ture come on screen while search­ing on google.

  2. Nice post and thanks for shar­ing this infor­ma­tion , will sure­ly try and research on this , as a par­ent at times its real­ly dif­fi­cult to leave our kids on inter­net .

  3. Anoth­er real­ly good site to keep kids safe is My kids use it at school/home and it has many fea­tures in addi­tion to a real­ly good web fil­ter, like safe learn­ing videos, safe music, kid’s auto­com­plete (real­ly handy since chil­dren have trou­bles spelling), safe games, Q&A forum for home­work help and oth­er great sec­tions. You can also cus­tomize the look so the front has any pic­ture you want. The search results can be cus­tomized, so you can con­trol the size of the thumb­nails too. They also have app to keep their tablets and phone safe.

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