Jaya hey- Javed Ali ( Live in Concert)


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Amit Mal­ho­tra Co-Founder & CEO of  Ten Dimen­sions inter­na­tion­al an Indi­an who feels proud of our Indi­an army and our Indi­an sol­diers thought to do some­thing for those brave ladies who sent their hus­bands on bor­der to save us with­out think­ing twice & lost them forever while they were sav­ing us “Jaya Hey ” is fundrais­ing event for those soldier’s wid­ows.

image Ten dimen­sions is an all-encom­pass­ing media & enter­tain­ment hub based in Mum­bai, com­mit­ted to deliv­er world-class ser­vices across its core domains of; Events, Dig­i­tal, Films and Tal­ent. Co-found­ed by Amit Mal­ho­tra, Neeru Sab­har­wal & Mad­husu­dan Sigro­dia, the team of Ten Dimen­sions has a col­lec­tive expe­ri­ence of over 30 years in the enter­tain­ment indus­try and boasts of suc­cess­ful­ly han­dling high pro­file clients, such as the I&B Min­istry, Cul­tur­al Min­istry, Indi­an Navy, Mrs. Hema Malini, MTDC, Aditya Bir­la Group are few to name. 

 But this noble cause would not be pos­si­ble with­out sup­port of Mrs. Sub­hashini Vas­an­th, founder of Vas­an­tharat­na foun­da­tion.

Vas­an­tharat­na foun­da­tion: 


Vas­an­tharat­na Foun­da­tion for Art was set up by renowned Bharat­natyam Dancer Mrs Sub­hashini Vas­an­th, in the mem­o­ry of her hus­band, Col Vas­an­th Venu­gopal, who was award­ed the Ashok Chakra for an exem­plary brav­ery in Jam­mu & Kash­mir in 2007.

Mrs Sub­hashini Vas­an­th found­ed the Vas­an­tharat­na Foun­da­tion with the aim of cre­at­ing a sup­port sys­tem for the fam­i­lies of mar­tyred sol­diers. She is a recip­i­ent of the Neer­ja Bhan­ot Award 2016. image

Objec­tive & Goal of this pres­ti­gious orga­ni­za­tion is :

Empow­er wom­en through edu­ca­tion and arts to help them dis­cov­er their poten­tial
• Edu­cate and train chil­dren of the mar­tyred
• Build a bridge between army fam­i­lies and the soci­ety
• Increase pub­lic aware­ness of the sac­ri­fices of the sol­diers and their fam­i­lies
• To provide fam­i­ly coun­sel­ing and legal sup­port

About “Jaya Hey”: 

The event is con­ceived, exe­cut­ed & pre­sent­ed by Ten Dimen­sions Inter­na­tion­al & the pro­ceeds from the event will go to the Vas­an­tharat­na Foun­da­tion for Art.

Event High­lights:
? 2 hour long, Live Con­cert by Javed Ali.
? Launch of patri­otic song, Disha Disha Bahe Hawa sung by Devyani Majum­dar.
? Release & exclu­sive screen­ing of ‘Bor­ders & Wid­ows’, a film based on true-life sto­ries of War Wid­ows (Fore­word by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan).
? Felic­i­ta­tion of ex-Army per­son who are now build­ing the soci­ety with their ini­tia­tives.
? RJ Rohini of Radio Nasha will host the event.
? Man­galb­hoomi – a dance act with a con­flu­ence of sev­en Indi­an Clas­si­cal Dance styles.

 Pro­posed Guests list:
• Sh. Anant Geete — Min­is­ter of Heavy Indus­tries & PSU
• Air Vice Mar­shall M. Fer­nan­dez ? Indi­an Air Force
• Group Cap­tain Sub­ro­to Kun­du — Indi­an Air Force
• Isha Kop­pikar – Bol­ly­wood Actor & Mod­el*
• Gra­cy Singh – Bol­ly­wood Actor & dancer

Such a great event this evening & luck­i­ly I got a chance to ask quick ques­tions to Amit Mal­ho­tra CEO & Co founder of Ten dimen­sions 


CC: How was Ten Dimen­sions born? What is the com­pa­ny all about? What is it’s vision?

Amit : Ten Dimen­sions is a media & enter­tain­ment hub, cre­at­ed out of the pas­sion of its founders to make a mark in the glob­al events & enter­tain­ment indus­try. It’s pupose is to cre­ate & deliv­er world class ser­vices across its core domains of Events, Dig­i­tal, Films & Tal­ent.

CC: Every Indi­an wants to do some­thing for his coun­try. Ten Dimen­sions orga­niz­ing an event on 12th of August 3 days before Inde­pen­dence Day “Jaya hey” how this idea of orga­niz­ing an event for War Wid­ows was born?

Amit: “None of us can exist in iso­la­tion. Our lives and exis­tence is sup­port­ed by oth­ers, in seen and unseen ways, be it our par­ents, teach­ers or soci­ety at large. To be aware of the­se con­nec­tions, to feel appre­ci­a­tion for them and to strive to give some­thing back to soci­ety in a spir­it of grat­i­tude is the prop­er way for human beings to live.” – By Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Peace Builder, Poet & Author

The loss of a sol­dier fight­ing the ene­my is heart break­ing for any nation, but the biggest brunt of it is borne by his fam­i­ly… more so the Wid­ow he leaves behind.

It is with this thought that we decid­ed to con­tribute to the wel­fare of those fam­i­lies whose Men have sac­ri­ficed their lives so that we remain safe & pro­tect­ed.

Jaya­Hey is an effort to repay that debt to the Mar­tyrs’ fam­i­lies.

CC: Fund which would be raised by this event how that would be going to help real hero’s fam­i­ly?

Amit:  Vas­an­tharat­na Foun­da­tion for Art, found­ed by Mrs. Sub­hashini Vas­an­th, is doing pletho­ra of good work for the wel­fare and devel­op­ment of the fam­i­lies of Defense Mar­tyrs of our coun­try. Using arts as a medi­um for cov­er­ing projects in edu­ca­tion and empow­er­ment, the foun­da­tion aims to cre­ate a sup­port sys­tem for the spous­es and fam­i­lies of our Armed Forces per­son­nel. The prime objec­tive of the foun­da­tion are as fol­lows:

? To empow­er wom­en from mar­tyrs’ fam­i­lies through edu­ca­tion and the arts, and help them to dis­cov­er their poten­tial to achieve their goals.
? To edu­cate and train chil­dren of such fam­i­lies.
? To devel­op rela­tion­ships between army fam­i­lies on the one hand and mem­bers of the larg­er soci­ety who are will­ing to reach out, on the oth­er.
? To increase pub­lic aware­ness of the sac­ri­fices of sol­diers and their fam­i­lies.
? To provide fam­i­ly coun­sel­ing and legal sup­port.
CC:  Javed Ali is one of the most ver­sa­tile singer of Bol­ly­wood, what was his reac­tion when you approached him with this idea of an event? Was it easy to get him on board?

Amit: Javed was absolute­ly delight­ed to join hands for the cause. In fact, I clear­ly remem­ber he had a baby like excite­ment on his face when in one of our lat­er meet­ings we were dis­cussing the kind of songs should be per­formed at the event. Approach­ing him was also easy and very friend­ly indeed. I guess when your own heart & inten­tions are clear, it becomes rel­a­tive­ly easy to approach and have a dia­logue with peo­ple around.

CC: GIMA nom­i­nee Devyani Majum­dar is going to release her first patri­otic song “Disha Disha hawa Bahe” on this pres­ti­gious event, tell us some­thing about that?

Amit:  Devyani is a very tal­ent­ed artist. Hav­ing already worked with renowned and respectable artis­tes like Shri. Anup Jalota, Ustad Rashid Khan and on a roman­tic sin­gle with Javed Ali him­self, she is now releas­ing Disha Disha Bahe Hawa at the Jaya Hey event. It is amaz­ing and fits per­fect­ly with the the­me of the event.

CC:  Can we expect such good caused event from Ten dimen­sions to be orga­nized in future?

Amit: Most cer­tain­ly – yes.

CC:  Any mes­sage you want to give?

Amit: Hap­pi­ness of human beings is the basis for all kinds of advance­ment. If the soci­ety, com­plex and homes that we live in are not hap­py, we, as indi­vid­u­als can nev­er be hap­py either. So while work­ing hard to achieve our own per­son­al dreams and desires, we should con­scious­ly make efforts to con­tribute to the hap­pi­ness & wel­fare of peo­ple around us.

Devyani Majumder: 


From her “Shyam piya” album with bha­jan & gazal mae­stro Anup Jalota to her GIMA nom­i­nat­ed “Jazbaa” with  Ustaad Rashid Khan this ver­sa­tile singer has made a mark in the hearts of hordes of fans across the globe.

I got this oppor­tu­ni­ty to have a quick chit chat with this ver­sa­tile singer launch­ing her first patri­otic song “Disha disha bahe hawa ”

CC: First of all con­grat­u­la­tions as you are launch­ing your first patri­otic song disha disha bahe hawa? How does it feel?

Devyani: Thank you so much. I feel ecsta­t­ic to be final­ly releas­ing this song which is very close to my heart. A lot of effort has been put into this par­tic­u­lar song by all the peo­ple involved in its mak­ing. I’m very grate­ful and I gen­uine­ly hope every­one likes it.
CC: Your first album which was record­ed with Bha­jan & Gazal Mae­stro Sri Anup Jalota, Shyam Piya, how does that hap­pen?

Devyani: Anupji’s lyri­cist had attend­ed one of my shows in Mum­bai and heard me for the first time. He loved my work and intro­duced me to Anupji there­after. Inci­den­tal­ly I was plan­ning to do a bha­jan album at that time, and my inter­ac­tion with Anupji put the entire plan in motion.

CC: After shar­ing your melo­di­ous voice with Sri Anup Jalota your Gazal album with Ustaad Rashid Khan Jazbaa got nom­i­na­tion in GIMA, share your expe­ri­ence attached to it?

Devyani: I have been very for­tu­nate to have worked with stal­warts of the indus­try like Anupji and Ustaad Rashid Khan Saab. Jazbaa is one of the finest projects I’ve been part of. I con­sid­er myself tru­ly lucky to have been able to work with Ustaad Ji.Getting a GIMA nom­i­na­tion for my first ghaz­al album has been noth­ing short of a dream. To share a nom­i­na­tion for the best ghaz­al album at GIMA with indus­try stal­warts is a dream come true.

CC: Why you have cho­sen Jaya hey event to launch your song disha disha bahe hawa?

Devyani:  As you know, Disha Disha Bahe Hawa is a patri­otic song that encom­pass­es the beau­ty of our moth­er­land. When I got to know that a pro­gram as mean­ing­ful as Jaya Hai was being organ­ised for the war wid­ows of our coun­try on the occa­sion of our 70th Inde­pen­dence Day, I decid­ed to ded­i­cate my song to them. It is the sac­ri­fice of our armed forces and the fam­i­lies they have left behind that makes our moth­er­land actu­al­ly beau­ti­ful.

CC: How did you get asso­ci­at­ed with Ten Dimen­sions how was your expe­ri­ence?

Devyani: I have known the part­ners of Ten Dimen­sions since a long time now. I share a very close per­son­al rap­port with all of them.
I have always had an amaz­ing expe­ri­ence while work­ing with them. I feel this can be attrib­ut­ed to the close bond we all share.

CC: Jaya hey is an event raised for good cause. Do you want to share any mes­sage for your fans here??

Devyani: I would sim­ply request all my fans to nev­er for­get the sac­ri­fices of our troops and their fam­i­lies. They have given so much for all of us. It is our duty to give them all the sup­port they deserve

So this is the event full of fun, emo­tion & above all good cause!!! I feel proud to be a part of it…and wish this event a great suc­cess!!!

Don’t for­get to book your tick­ets for this event today.

You can you can book tick­ets at : http://bit.ly/BMSJayaHeyTickets

Thanks for being here.


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