Maru Mahotsav

The Jaisalmer Festival, or Maru Mahotsav, is among Rajasthan’s most well-liked celebrations. The kingdom of kings and queens, Rajasthan, is famous for its colorful festivals and rich cultural heritage. The Golden City is turned into a carnival of color and activity for this yearly celebration. The journey known as the Rajasthan Desert Festival is one in which each grain of sand has a tale to tell and every second is a celebration of life.

A must-see event, the Jaisalmer Festival offers an original combination of dance, music, art, and culture. Involving yourself in the celebrations would allow you to experience the spirit of Rajasthani culture. Every element of this festival captures the essence of the desert, from the captivating dance acts to the mesmerizing sounds of desert music.

Jaisalmer festival
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History of Jaisalmer Festival

Originating in the arid city of Jaisalmer, this celebration perfectly embodies the spirit of Rajasthani traditions. Locals say that Lord Krishna once stated that a leader of the Yadav community in the future would create an empire on Trikuta Hill. Many years later, in 1196, the kingdom of Jaisalmer was established by Rawal Jaiswal, who was supposedly descended from the Yadav community.

The people of Jaisalmer started planning festivities and special activities all around the kingdom to remember this amazing occasion. These joyous celebrations became a cherished tradition after news spread that an ancient prophecy had been fulfilled. The Jaisalmer Festival, which takes place in February every year, carries on the same tradition today.

The Maru Mahotsav is one of Rajasthan’s most well-liked cultural events, drawing thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is regarded as one of the most significant festivals on the Rajasthani calendar and provides tourists with a singular chance to immerse themselves in the rich culture and customs of the area.

When will Jaisalmer’s Desert Festival take place in 2024?

From February 22 until February 24, 2024, there will be the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. You can take part in an unforgettable adventure that introduces you to the desert’s beauty throughout these three days.

The Jaisalmer Festival’s highlights for 2024

As the Jaisalmer Festival of 2024 approaches, the city of Jaisalmer buzzes with excitement. The District Collector and local officials have recently gathered to discuss a creative and compelling celebration. A significant highlight of the 2024 Jaisalmer Festival is expected to be the captivating presence of various Bollywood artists who will grace the occasion with their beautiful performances.

The already thrilling celebration will take on an even more thrilling dimension when the Indian Air Force performs some of their air warrior training. A combination of the appeal of Bollywood, the depths of Rajasthani culture, and desert adventures are promised at this event. Moreover, the Desert Festival cultivates a variety of experiences that go beyond simple amusement. Right from the energetic turban-tying.

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Activities at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Astro tourism

One unique thing to do at the Jaisalmer Festival in 2024 is “Astro Tourism.” For those who enjoy astronomy, “The Skies of Jaisalmer,” a unique offering that combines stargazing activities and astronomy sessions, is ideal. You will be able to see planets and constellations if the sky is clear, which will make the planetary adventure very unique. What’s the best thing, then? The Rajasthan Desert Festival’s wonderful event is slated to take place every day, guaranteeing that every evening presents an opportunity to be fascinated by the captivating skies of the desert.

Explore different artifacts in the handicrafts mart

Enjoying the delights of regional handicrafts makes every occasion truly complete. Lac bangles, camel leather jootis, bandhani sarees, pichwai and miniature paintings, Jaisalmer stone carvings, gota patti work dupattas, kundan jewelry, mojari shoes, puppets (kathputli), cotton and silk durries, antique silver jewelry, Rajasthani turbans (safas), and Rajasthani tea blends are just a few of the exquisite handicrafts on display at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. A committed self-help community of Jaisalmer artisans, comprising both men and women, creates these handcrafted goods. Because the festival is committed to supporting and fostering regional art and craft, it’s the ideal opportunity to pick up lovely mementos from your trip.

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Rajasthani cuisine

If you enjoy eating traditional Rajasthani food, you should try the Maru Mahotsav. Savor a range of delicious foods as you enjoy the beautiful views of the Thar Desert. Enjoy the traditional tastes of gatte ki sabzi (gram flour dumplings in a spicy sauce), dal baati churma (lentil dumplings with roasted wheat balls and sweet crumbly mix), and delicious desserts like Ghewar (honeycomb pastry) while celebrating. It’s a chance to meet people who live there, learn the history behind the food, and take away a taste of Rajasthan’s rich cultural legacy.

Cultural events

The entertaining folk music and dance performances are among the highlights. Together, traditional musicians from throughout the state weave a colorful tapestry of rhythms and motions that take you back in time. Many thrilling events also take place throughout the festival, such as the well-known turban tying competition, in which competitors showcase their talent at creating elaborate turbans, which are a representation of Rajasthan’s character. Enjoy a variety of traditional events, such as exciting polo matches and camel races, as well as captivating puppet shows, captivating folk music performances like Manganiar and Langas, Kamaycha, and dance performances like Kalbelia and Ghoomar.

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The Best Things to Do During the Jaisalmer Desert Fair:

  • Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer
  • Camel Safari in Jaisalmer
  • Parasailing
  • Visit Gadisar Lake
  • Explore the architectural marvel, Jaisalmer Fort.
  • Patwon Ki Haveli
  • the ecological wonder of Khuri Village
  • Watch the Sunset at Sam Sand Dunes
  • Maha Aarti
  • Fireworks display


Numerous festivals showcasing the state’s unique customs and culture are held in Rajasthan. Through the vibrant and colorful festival, these events allow visitors to thoroughly immerse themselves in the local way of life while also offering a glimpse into the daily lives of the locals. The state is a must-visit destination for everyone interested in witnessing India’s distinctive and rich heritage because of its dynamic culture.

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