Is Colorisma making quirky the new normal?

Have you seen someone walking into an office room wearing a 70’s multi-colored sequin disco suit with blonde hair? Try picturing going grocery shopping with a flowy gown and badass blue hair! Let’s take it up a notch. How about sporting a rainbow look with multiple hair colors to a family get-together? Imagine the ruckus you’d cause. All your conservative relatives (assuming they’re conservative, of course!) are gonna flip, and how? But, why not? Think about it. Who laid down these rules? And who’s the custodian? 

The idea of hair coloring was limited to celebrities, the elite, and women above their 40s for the longest time in India. I remember the times when my grandma would sit down in the evening with a bowl of hair dye and patiently apply them to her greys. That’s how I learned about hair coloring. But the concept was restricted to hiding greys. Gradually, hair coloring progressed to students, right before walking into the professional world, in addition to the people aged above the 40s, like always, to hide the greys. We’ve made it to 2022 and hair coloring trends have caught on. 

Recently, I came across Colorisma, a temporary 1 wash hair color makeup range that aims to break the status quo. It’s incredible how the brand tries to mess with the generally unspoken rules existing around the idea of hair coloring. They’re questioning why can’t we make quirky the new normal and I’m here for it. Why not carry a new vibrant and crazy temporary hair color every day of your life?

I remember the last conversation I had with a friend about getting a hair color! She was extremely reluctant about going for a vibrant shade. Even when I suggested a safe brown hair color, which won’t appear too obvious, she had a lot of other worries regarding the damage hair coloring would cause to her beautifully long, rich black hair, the expense to get it done, and the maintenance post that. She did go on and on about more details, but these are the core ones that caught my attention. 

Aren’t most of us concerned about all of these issues? The whole process seems daunting to us because of the same reasons. 

Colorisma changes the hair color game altogether by driving away all these fears. Since the hair colors for women and men are temporary by nature, it opens doors to experimentation. And when I say experimentation, I mean going crazy! 

Your hair can look like this one evening, 


And lose color that night itself before going to bed. How cool is that? I finally tried all the trending hair color styles of this year on my hair at home with nobody’s help. Soft balayage, funky highlights, subtle lowlights, irresistibly hot money pieces, global hair color, and a lot more styles I’ve always dreamt of carrying. I repeat I didn’t need anybody’s help. Gone are the days I used to beg someone to help bleach my hair, create a mess and then close my eyes praying for the color to look the way I want it to. I know people who’ve given up the decision to color their hair right after bleaching! The damage it causes isn’t for the faint-hearted. Permanent hair colors are all fun and games if you have the patience, money, and energy for it. I’m not slamming permanent hair colors here at all. But the question is, why will I go for permanent hair colors when temporary hair colors can make my hair look bomb with half the effort or no effort at all? 

More about Colorisma

At the moment, Colorisma has this set of Disco Platinum, Euphoria Blue, Summer Pink, and Champagne gold hair colors. I created my own tones by mixing the best hair colors of my choice, too! Whenever it looked funny or crossed the line of looking decent, I washed the color away. Yes, it was that simple. Am I gonna use Colorisma again? That shouldn’t even be a question. Of course. Would I recommend it to others? I already can’t possibly stop talking about these hair colors.

See, coloring your hair is a major form of self-expression. The self keeps evolving every day. I could be my calm and serene self one day wearing a gorgeous blue hair color and then, bring out the playful, fun side the next day by carrying a pink hair color. The best part about using a temporary hair color is that you don’t have to decide which color expresses you the best on a given day and carry the same for a long time only to get tired of the damage and take a break from coloring entirely even though you know you love it. Every day, according to your changing moods you’ll have the liberty to switch your hair color and styles – balayage, highlights, lowlights, or money pieces to go as wild as you please with these temporary hair colors. 

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  1. I have ever colored my hair, not even did highlighting. But recently I met one lady at school with purple color hair or should I say unicorn shade wearing a exact matching shirt. Kids asked her about why purple ? So she said it’s her favorite color. I may not be trying out coloring my hair in different color other than black but when talking about others, it’s their choice and wish.

  2. My daughter will love Colorisma. She keeps colouring her hair but as you said; it takes time to colour on a previous colour. These temporary colours are the perfect product for her. I am going to share this with her. thanks for sharing.

  3. Colorisma is a God send for those of us who do not want to have a colour permanently or wish to experiment before going into permanent hair color. Now you can colour for your upcoming vacay or festival and then go back to normal!

  4. yes agree hair coloring has become trendy thing and now people of all ages want to try this. I did not heard about Colorisma brand before but after reading your post felt that it has many impressive feature. thanks dear for introducing this amazing brand to us.

  5. Everyone is quiet sceptical about choosing quirky hair color options but as you said there is no harm in pampering self with some unique colors is what I totally agree. Never knew about Colorisma before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love love love this idea! i love experimenting with hair colors but definitely the commitment of wearing that color and look for months on end is a bit daunting. it sounds like its easy to use and quite good for the hair… im gonna try it out… the image here is EXACTLY the look id love to sport.

  7. yes agree hair coloring has become trendy thing and now people of all ages want to try this. Heard this brand for first time though.

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