Interview with Soma Roy — Diamond Queen award Winner

Tak­ing our coun­try India on glob­al plat­form Soma Roy was top 5 final­ist of Mrs Sin­ga­pore World­wide Inter­na­tiomal 2016 and win­ner of Dia­mond Queen award.

Pre­sent­ing her inter­view for our read­ers how she won so many hearts <3


Q: From Dhan­bad to Sin­ga­pore how you describe your jour­ney?

Soma :My jour­ney from Dhan­bad to Sin­ga­pore is quite excit­ing. As we all know we all have ups and down in life, so was mine too. Dhan­bad is my birth­day place: my school friends, teach­ers, rel­a­tives and most impor­tant­ly my own home. A lot of mem­o­ries are tied up there in Dhan­bad. It was not easy for us to move to West Ben­gal. But it was a new begin­ning for all of us. I did my Mas­ters in Eng­lish from Rabindra Bharati Uni­ver­si­ty and Bach­e­lors in Arts (Eng­lish Hons) img_7376from Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­cut­ta. Soon after I fin­ished my Mas­ters I got mar­ried and my fate brought me to Sin­ga­pore. And the sec­ond phase of my life begins in this won­der­ful red dot.

Q: How a teacher who won best teacher award twice in Sin­ga­pore turned towards mod­el­ling?

Soma: Well! Even I ddi not know that I will be a mod­el one day. But I always enjoyed stage. Dur­ing my school days I per­formed many func­tions. I was liked by teach­ers and friends for my singing tal­ent. When I joined preschool as a teacher in Sin­ga­pore besides teach­ing lit­tle ones I got oppor­tu­ni­ty to chore­o­graph dance for chil­dren aged 4 years. It was a chal­lenge for me because first­ly they were so young and sec­ond­ly, the song was Hindi movie song and the kids were non-Indi­ans (Chi­ne­se & Malay). Our hard work was paid off; par­ents and teach­ers were very elat­ed with the per­for­mance and was a real suc­cess to me. Mod­el­ling like­wise was an exper­i­ment for me. I dared to par­tic­i­pate in Sari Queen img_7375last year and won the grand prize. This event was a door open­er for me in the path of mod­el­ling. I start­ed get­ting rec­om­men­da­tion for pho­to shoots and free­lance mod­el­ling assign­ments.

Q. How your fam­i­ly react­ed when you told them about your par­tic­i­pa­tion in Mrs Sin­ga­pore QOS World­wide Inter­na­tion­al 2016?

Soma : To be hon­est, my hus­band is the one who always encour­aged me to join pageants and mod­el­ling. I think some­how he has seen some poten­tial with­in me. He is very hap­py and extreme­ly coop­er­a­tive through­out. When­ev­er I felt down, his enthu­si­as­tic words pulled me back.

Q: Who is your inspi­ra­tion?

Soma: My hus­band is my inspi­ra­tion, with­out his sup­port, love and encour­age­ment I wouldn’t even thought of join­ing the world of glitz and glam­our.

Q. Who is your role mod­el &amp; strength?

Soma: My mum is my role mod­el. She has plant­ed the seed of good qual­i­ties in me from the very begin­ning, espe­cial­ly qual­i­ties like hum­ble­ness, hon­esty and hard work. I am har­vest­ing the­se qual­i­ties and liv­ing a life of strong andimg_7377 dig­ni­fied wom­an. My hus­band and son are my strength. They are my world and they have taught me how to live dreams.

Q: How your lit­tle champ react­ed on this pageant?

Soma: For my son his Maa is a cute doll, that’s what he calls me. For him I am the cutest mum­my in the world. For him it was like anoth­er event. I always believe that we all should try new things in life and step out from our copm­fort zone . I encour­age him to par­tic­i­pate in the events in his school and share with him that there is noth­ing to lose in any com­pe­ti­tion. If you win you have achieved some­thing ‚if you can­not then you are one step ahead of those who nev­er even tried, you gath­ered expe­ri­ence and learned new things. So, I think of course he was proud to see me being crowned and was very pos­i­tive about the whole event.

Q: What was your reac­tion when you announced as Asia Paci­fic Queen of Sub­stance Dia­mond Award?

Soma: Of course I feel tru­ly blessed to be nom­i­nat­ed and award­ed as Asia Paci­fic Queen Dia­mond Queen of Sub­stance 2016 by Lumiere International’s Justi­na Tan, fam­i­ly and friends who have immense­ly sup­port­ed me.img_7379

Q: Last­ly, any mes­sage to all the aspir­ing wom­en who dream of being a part of such pageant?

Soma: I would like to say that I am an also just like any oth­er lady. I believe that each of us has a spe­cial qual­i­ty which can out­shine us. It is not nec­es­sary to join pageant to be suc­cess­ful, just enjoy doing what you want to do. Def­i­nite­ly sup­port of fam­i­ly plays a cru­cial role for a mar­ried wom­an, to step out and live their dreams. Being per­sis­tent in what we are doing and always being hum­ble can work as a mag­ic wand espe­cial­ly in the pageants. Most impor­tant­ly believe in your­self, dare to dream and you can do it.

Q: Any mes­sage for your read­ers?

Soma: Thanks for the going through this inter­view to all my read­ers. Life is short. If we bury our pas­sion for oth­ers and think we are sac­ri­ficing for our loved ones then we are doing injus­tice to our­selves we have to think our­selves as an indi­vid­u­al. As a wom­an if I enjoy being a stay home mum and or a house­wife I would say it’s also an awe­some work. It is not easy to hold this role 24/7. At the end of the day we must think “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always want­ed. Do it now”.

Pic Cred­it : Soma Roy

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