Interview with Soma Roy – Diamond Queen award Winner

Taking our country India on global platform Soma Roy was top 5 finalist of Mrs Singapore Worldwide Internatiomal 2016 and winner of Diamond Queen award.

Presenting her interview for our readers how she won so many hearts <3


Q: From Dhanbad to Singapore how you describe your journey?

Soma :My journey from Dhanbad to Singapore is quite exciting. As we all know we all have ups and down in life, so was mine too. Dhanbad is my birthday place: my school friends, teachers, relatives and most importantly my own home. A lot of memories are tied up there in Dhanbad. It was not easy for us to move to West Bengal. But it was a new beginning for all of us. I did my Masters in English from Rabindra Bharati University and Bachelors in Arts (English Hons) img_7376from University of Calcutta. Soon after I finished my Masters I got married and my fate brought me to Singapore. And the second phase of my life begins in this wonderful red dot.

Q: How a teacher who won best teacher award twice in Singapore turned towards modelling?

Soma: Well! Even I ddi not know that I will be a model one day. But I always enjoyed stage. During my school days I performed many functions. I was liked by teachers and friends for my singing talent. When I joined preschool as a teacher in Singapore besides teaching little ones I got opportunity to choreograph dance for children aged 4 years. It was a challenge for me because firstly they were so young and secondly, the song was Hindi movie song and the kids were non-Indians (Chinese & Malay). Our hard work was paid off; parents and teachers were very elated with the performance and was a real success to me. Modelling likewise was an experiment for me. I dared to participate in Sari Queen img_7375last year and won the grand prize. This event was a door opener for me in the path of modelling. I started getting recommendation for photo shoots and freelance modelling assignments.

Q. How your family reacted when you told them about your participation in Mrs Singapore QOS Worldwide International 2016?

Soma : To be honest, my husband is the one who always encouraged me to join pageants and modelling. I think somehow he has seen some potential within me. He is very happy and extremely cooperative throughout. Whenever I felt down, his enthusiastic words pulled me back.

Q: Who is your inspiration?

Soma: My husband is my inspiration, without his support, love and encouragement I wouldn’t even thought of joining the world of glitz and glamour.

Q. Who is your role model &amp; strength?

Soma: My mum is my role model. She has planted the seed of good qualities in me from the very beginning, especially qualities like humbleness, honesty and hard work. I am harvesting these qualities and living a life of strong andimg_7377 dignified woman. My husband and son are my strength. They are my world and they have taught me how to live dreams.

Q: How your little champ reacted on this pageant?

Soma: For my son his Maa is a cute doll, that’s what he calls me. For him I am the cutest mummy in the world. For him it was like another event. I always believe that we all should try new things in life and step out from our copmfort zone . I encourage him to participate in the events in his school and share with him that there is nothing to lose in any competition. If you win you have achieved something ,if you cannot then you are one step ahead of those who never even tried, you gathered experience and learned new things. So, I think of course he was proud to see me being crowned and was very positive about the whole event.

Q: What was your reaction when you announced as Asia Pacific Queen of Substance Diamond Award?

Soma: Of course I feel truly blessed to be nominated and awarded as Asia Pacific Queen Diamond Queen of Substance 2016 by Lumiere International’s Justina Tan, family and friends who have immensely supported me.img_7379

Q: Lastly, any message to all the aspiring women who dream of being a part of such pageant?

Soma: I would like to say that I am an also just like any other lady. I believe that each of us has a special quality which can outshine us. It is not necessary to join pageant to be successful, just enjoy doing what you want to do. Definitely support of family plays a crucial role for a married woman, to step out and live their dreams. Being persistent in what we are doing and always being humble can work as a magic wand especially in the pageants. Most importantly believe in yourself, dare to dream and you can do it.

Q: Any message for your readers?

Soma: Thanks for the going through this interview to all my readers. Life is short. If we bury our passion for others and think we are sacrificing for our loved ones then we are doing injustice to ourselves we have to think ourselves as an individual. As a woman if I enjoy being a stay home mum and or a housewife I would say it’s also an awesome work. It is not easy to hold this role 24/7. At the end of the day we must think “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now”.

Pic Credit : Soma Roy

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  3. She has a beautiful philosophy. Life is indeed too short!

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