#HowSafeAreYou with Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems

#HowSafeAreYou with Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems

November 19, 2017 6 By Ruchi Verma

On 15th Nov 2017 Locking Solutions and Systems  launched #HowSafeAreYou to raise awareness on home safety with some esteemed panel for discussion.

While going out on vacation or outing we lock our doors and relaxed that yes our home is safe but have you ever thought about what and how robbers think?

Godrej locks a series of three videos that ‘unlock the mind of robbers’. I checked these and really scared thinking are we really safe?

Check out the videos: 

About #HowSafeAreYou with Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Event:

The goal or say agenda of the discussion and in this event is to understand the psyche of a robber. 

Panel in discussion involved was Dr. Kaminidevi Bhoir, Honorary Psychiatric Counsellor for Mumbai Police, Vivek Agrawal, veteran crime journalist and author, Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems, Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India and a victim of theft over the psyche of a robber.

Disscussion with these esteemed panels was really enlighting and Kamini Devi Bhoir, the honorary psychiatric counselor for the Mumbai Police, said, “A robber or a thief is somebody who has the urge to steal. This act of robbery is a disease and is called kleptomania. Kleptomania is associated with impulse control disorder, where you get an impulse to do a particular thing and you cannot stop it and you go ahead and commit the act, without thinking of its consequences. A robber has no conscience while committing such an act.”

Few points to be safe:

  1. Make sure you don’t share spare keys of your home with house helpers.
  2. Please ensure that your maids have proper police verification.
  3. Do make sure that you keep an eye on suspicious activity and if notice anything do inform nearest police station.
  4. If you have digital locks, make sure while opening and locking it should not be visible on webcam installed in your building. 
  5. Do educate kids that not to share information about the home to strangers. 

Safety is definitely in your hands with a little precaution.  Make sure you stay safe with Godrej locks as when word security comes first trust comes with Godrej locks as from last 120 years they are keeping us safe.



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