How writing a letter to your past self helps?

Past self

I still feel writing a letter always connects you to the other person, imagine writing a letter to yourself, your past. Yes!! I feel it’s important to write a letter to your past self. We all have happy, sad, memorable, painful, successful past which completes us.

There are my top 5 reasons I feel writing the letter is important:

1. Know yourself better

Writing to yourself, helps you to know more about how you were, what and where you made mistakes or taken up life’s best decision. This is the best way to go back show your empathy, forgiveness and love to your deeds.

It always make you more responsible person and you will get to learn more from your mistakes.

2. Get Closure

As you grow older, you grow wiser and starts understanding life’s decision and matters more nicely. It will give you a chance to go back and give closure to yourself to come out of your open-ended decisions or story of past life.

3. For your Inner peace.

There are so many things which we want to share, but we can’t. The only person who can understand you is only you!! Writing to yourself will bring an inner peace in life.

4. To get clarity.

Now with growing age, now you can connect to other people’s reactions and actions. Our experience teaches us the biggest lessons of life, and we learn to identify others’ behavior and call of action. To get that clarity, it’s important to write.

5. To meet yourself.

It’s you, it’s your past years and they must fill it with so many stories and memories, it’s always good to cherish them, go back and meet yourself and relive those moments again.

Past self

How do I write a letter to my past self?

Oh!! Trust me when you will start, it will go in a flow. All you need to remember just a few things before you write:

  • Honesty is the key, just be honest otherwise it’s of no use writing.
  • Choose an age to write and make sure you stick to that age.
  • Make sure you don’t lose the focus, write on one point or two else you will end writing a biography!!

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  1. This is an interesting way to get closure, reduce stress and for self-improvement. I must write that letter to myself too! Pandemic life is stressful!

  2. I like this idea. Will definitely try writing letters to my past self. Beautiful article.

  3. Yes writing is so therapeutic and give a new direction to our thought process. I use to write in my diary during childhood days and still remember that it was one of the best childhood experience of my life.

  4. We are almost always thinking about the future. Writing a letter to the past and connecting with it will ensure a better future. I am going to follow your pointers and try this exercise, Ruchi. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I have never tried this but I love the reasons you have enumerated. May be will give this one a try really soon, will let you know 🙂

  6. I know writing is healing but writing a letter to self is very interesting thought. I agree it will bring us closer to ourself and helps us in making better decision in future. Wonderful post.. Would love to try this out.

  7. One of the best way to connect to ourselves by writing letter… To know ourselves in a better way loved this idea definitely even I will doing this thank you for sharing.

  8. The Other Brain Inc.

    Oh yes, it does work and it did work for me too. It gives you tremendous learning and closure to your failures in the past.

  9. Nostalgic! I use to write letter to myself (and sometimes even to god) addressing all the topics, problems, happiness and goals I had. With time that practice faded away but your post reminded me of how beautiful and therapeutic those letters were.

  10. I’ve written to my past self a lot of times and it’s very therapeutic. Totally agree on closure and inner peace. Wish someone shared this wisdom back then!

  11. The best way to look back positively is to write a letter about your past. Indeed a good therapy to recap all the moments of happiness, regret, or amendments affirmatively.

  12. Writing a letter to your past would be quite fun, but at the same time, we will become our own critique. Past teaches us a lesson, it is important to keep these life lessons intact and learn from them.

  13. This is the best way to reduce stress and feel calm. And the best thing will be we will learn from our past mistakes . And in future we will be careful about all these things

  14. What a simple yet amazing way of self explore. Writing by itself is quite relaxing. This idea of writing letters to past self is cool.

  15. I think that putting down your thoughts about your own past self is therapeutic in itself. There is so much one learns in retrospection and penning down the mistakes, and successes helps in reinforcing the learning across time.

  16. Absolutely writing to inner self definitely brings inner peace and unfolds the doubts that we have in our lives

  17. Absolutely writing to inner self definitely brings inner peace and unfolds the doubts that we have from our lives

  18. Oh, Ruchie this is such a wonderful thing you have introduced. I would love to write a letter to myself. I always thought what if I would have done this and what if I would have done that in my past. Maybe if not in real then I can document them in a letter.

  19. I love this approach , this is seems to be calming and therapeutic way to get closure and move on in life. I have few undisclosed chapter in my life which often annoy me . Gonna try out this trick

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