How to teach a 3-year-old kid to speak English

How to teach a 3-year-old kid to speak English

October 18, 2020 12 By Ruchi Verma

Teaching English to a three-year-old might seem like barbeque under a hot summer sun! But, it’s not. If done right it’s more savory than the barbecue in the spring blossoms.

In this article, we intend to bring to you the right and easy way out to make your child speak English as if it were his/her native language.

We have curated an entire series of ways after consulting numerous mothers with kids who spoke English, probably more fluently than anyone else.

So, no need to hold your horses anymore, let’s get on with it already!

1. Conversation is the key!

Speak English

Your child may not be very efficient with the English language, however, he/she speaks your native language just as easy as a pie.

All you need to do is inculcate English in your daily diet. Make it a habit to speak in English. This way the child will learn the basic syllables and terms of the language that go unnoticed otherwise.

And so, your child will never face a problem with Grammar.

2. Speak what you see!

Practical life instructions are the most fruitful of all. This is how my mother made me so free-flowing with the English language. All you need to do is, narrate whatever you do when your child is around.

As soon as you notice them building interest, start pointing at things around you and make them repeat after you.

For instance, when I’d be in the kitchen with my mother, she’d pick up the pincers to strain the tea and narrate it for me. Funnily, she does it still and it works too.

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3. Make it interesting- inculcate it in games, stories

Speak English

At the age of three, children are like Jack Rustles of their age. They are most fervent and ebullient at this age. You can’t blame them for not wanting to sit in one place, digging in the books.

Plus, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy anyway.

So, it’s better if you make the Apple Pie instead so that your child can relish as well as flourish with all the nutrients that he’d otherwise say an enormous “yuck” to.

Sing nursery rhymes, which to date I do hum every once in a while. Narrate them their bedtime stories, take them on a tour to the wonderland of fairies, and through the mighty jungle ” Where the lion sleeps tonight “.

4. Let them explore with Dora but in English!

TV is supposed to be the oars to the boat of a three-year-old, that’s how they row all day long. So, instead of switching it off, why not just add some learning to it? Switch their favorite TV shows to English and watch the magic beans grow.

It’s a proven fact, three year old try to emulate what they see.

This means, be it Doraemon’s gadgets or Handy Many’s repair shop, your kid will learn it all from them. Your child may throw some tantrums at first, but eventually, he/she’ll come to terms with it.

So, just let them off the leash for a while, let them watch as much TV as they want, at the end of the day they’ll just be learning from it.

5. Appreciation works like an apple pie; tasty and healthy

Even the slightest of your ‘good work’ can make your child gain confidence in himself. Positive reinforcement is one of the most efficient ways to encourage your child to do the activity of your desire.

Again a little apple pie ain’t hurtling’ nobody!

Whenever your child switches the TV to English, appreciate them. The moment your child learns a new word, give them a high-five or a fist bump.

Use a good load of a variety of phrases, give them candies, cook specifically for them, and of course, the never-failing smile on your face.

6. Getting rid of the Weevils from rice!

Now that we know the do’s, we need to know the not to do’s as well. There are some things that we might not do intentionally but have an adverse effect on the child.

  • Don’t overwork; don’t stress your child with a work-load, that not even you can handle.
  • Don’t make it complex; keep it easy-peasy.
  • Don’t be hasty; have patience, good results take time.
  • Respect the strengths and weaknesses of your child. ; don’t burden your child with your ambitions.
How to teach a 3-year-old kid to speak English

Final thought

Follow these and see the magic like that in Noah’s arc, work on your child. Just in a week, you’ll start to notice such a positive difference in your child’s habit when speaking.

Give them more time and enjoy while learning. Sing along, dance-along, and play along with them. Make learning more fun not bothersome.

And this way you’ll be able to inculcate in your child, the habit of conversing in flawless English without having to stress about it.

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