10 Ideas How To Make Valentine’s Day Special

How To Make Valentine's Day Special

Are you one who is looking for an answer to “How to make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one?”. Are you confused? Do you lack the idea for valentine’s day?

You can make your loved one extra special with some cool and simple ideas which will make your day memorable for life.

Check out 10 unique ideas on how to make valentine’s day special:

1. Say I Love You it with Style

It might be your first valentine’s day or you have celebrated many together in life. Expressing love is very important to let the other person know the value they hold in your life.

Time to surprise them by confessing love in style, Order their favorite cake with pull-along messages this photo-pulling cake is quite trending and you will see a glittering and smiling face.

2. Reach to their heart with food

They always say food is the best way to reach your loved one’s heart. Surprise him/her with favorite breakfast on the bed. Cook something their all-time favorite and an unforgettable meal together but don’t forget to book a dinner date either of two places- one your loved one’s favorite restaurant or to the same old place where your love blossomed like old canteen, old tea stall, old bakery or any coffee house.

3. Challenge your partner

Time to play some games with each other and challenge them, try out games like truth or dare, couple games, lost memory game and even you can try board games.

Relive your childhood while playing these games together.

4. Let the music flow

Why don’t you set a musical night, as it is the best way to convey your messages via music. Create a playlist for each other on their favorite music streaming service. Try to select the songs that spark memories of your relationship, just enjoy listening to tunes of love for each other.

If you or your partner love to sing, arrange for karaoke night sing for your partner and let the night flow with your love.

5. Explore the city

It’s never late to open your bucket list and visit those places which are pending for a long to visit in your own city. It will be great to enjoy this day by making a list of places to explore together and being a tourist to your own city. Create memories and cherish them for lifelong.

How To Make Valentine's Day Special

6. Create a memorable scrapbook

Open your old album and create a scrapbook for yourself together, this way you will have a good time together creating and reliving old memories on this special valentines day.

7. Make your valentine feel extra special

Decorate your place according to your valentine’s choice of flowers, pictures, candles, and let them feel extra special with the surprise.

8. Gifting is the best option

Who doesn’t like gifts? Make sure you choose the right gift for your partner to make them feel how important they are in your life. Gifts can include heart-shaped pillows, printed pillows, mugs, their favorite perfume, roses, cards, personalized hamper, and more.

9. Color Coordination

Try this color coordination option for the entire day, select your and your partner’s outfit matching each other for the whole day on 14th February. You can either choose your favorite color or your partner’s and if confused go for red which will blossom and make your day colorful.

10. Get Cozy with your favorite Movie or series

The best option if you don’t want to step out is just making a list of favorite romantic movies or series, get cozy, and watch together with favorite food and snacks.

These are some extra tips on how to make your Valentine’s day special and memorable. Do share with us how you celebrated?

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  1. Hi Ruchi.
    Lovely and plenty of ideas for Valentines day. Let me see what best I can do to surprise my sweetheart.

  2. Ideas are amazing, especially scrapbook as it gave me flashback of how we used to take pictures and write our beautiful memories, I guess I should definitely find my old scrapbook and let my husband know how funny and childish we were. Thanks a ton for sharing.

  3. I love the idea of challenging your partner. The other things we do every other day or more. Hahaha! I love challenging my husband while playing games so this will be a good time spent. :))

  4. Wow, Ruchi! Valentine tips already 🙂 superb ones at that. Reading your post, I really felt that it would be so lovely to have a partner. It’s been 18 years and why am I feeling this now? The games and the exploring city are great ideas.

  5. The last pointer appeals to me the most. Cook food together or order in and watch some lovely movies or series or listen to music together is my kind of valentine day celebration.

  6. My valentine is special round the year and If not on February I do almost all things you mentioned round the year and so yes the mentions of yours are awesome.

  7. We’re so busy with our routine lives that occasions like these are important to reignite the spark with our partner. These are some great ideas. I would love breakfast in bed, no matter if my cooking-challenged husband orders in. ?

    1. These are some amazing tips for valentine’s day. It will make it easy for a person to surprise their loved one. Thanks for curating this list.

  8. The post is shared at the right time. I was looking forward to reading such blogs. Thanks a lot for sharing the wonderful suggestions and gonna follow a few this Valentine’s day.

  9. Absolutely love the ideas here that will help plan valentine’s day. I love the exploring city and music ideas in all of these. Might look to implement one or two

  10. For us, be it any day, it’s a win win when there is good food ?. Love all the tips that you have shared. Though we don’t celebrate valentines day, we do love to cozy up and watch a good movie.

  11. These are great suggestions for the valentine’s day. Music and good food is the best choice that refreshes mind and soul. Thank you for such lovely ideas.

  12. I like your ideas, especially the exploring city part, we often go out and visit our old hangout places to bring back old memories, its so much fun and refreshing

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