How to keep kids fit and active during the lockdown?

Things which are the major concerns of every parent during this pandemic were how to keep kids busy and how to keep them fit and active? This is the age when kids need more physical activity and outdoor games to keep them active and healthy.

Well, we learned a lot during this time and need to understand that along with us, kids are the one are suffering a lot. They have not only adapted to online learning, online examinations but also staying away from friends, getting socialize, and evening playtime.

5 tips to keep kids fit and active during the lockdown.

1. Maintain time routine: It’s important that your child follows the routine and you stick to those rules. Time to go to bed, watch TV or play games, time for reading as kids are not in a routine of getting up and going to school, it’s important they don’t miss the habit of getting up early in the morning.

2. Get involved with them for yoga or daily 30 minutes exercise which will keep them physically active all day.

3. Play indoor physical games, apart from board games. Games like a treasure hunt, hula hoop, and indoor hide and seek.

 kids fit and active during the lockdown

4. Dance routine: If you love dancing too, join them on the dance floor at home and enjoy their favorite dance numbers. This will make them happy and energetic.

5. Last but not least, we used to do a lot in our childhood like preparing stage shows for our family members. Give them this idea, tell them to prepare a skit, dance and music concert and perform in front of you all. This will boost up their talent and confidence.

Bonus tip:

Make sure you indulge a habit in your kids to read books, share a story or chat 30 minutes before they go to bed rather than watching television or playing mobile games.

These are some tips and tricks which will help you keep your kids fit and active during the lockdown. If you have any other idea, do share in comments below.

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  1. That last point of preparing skit reminded me of my childhood days when we performed a skit and invited neighbors, made arrangements for light refreshments. It felt so grand at that moment and I still remember it.

  2. Gardening also helps. Useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  3. All great points, especially the bit about maintaining the habit of waking up early. Since 2020, it has been hard to maintain a routine even for elders, so naturally children are also affected.

  4. Reading books together has been a good family time for us of late. I like to workout with my kids as well.

  5. My cousins and I used to do stage shows in childhood. Deciding what to do, preparing them, then presenting it like a formal program (we used to live in a joint family), was super fun. I would encourage that in any kid.

  6. This pandemic has changed kids routine completly! lovely those days were where they plat at school and after coming home with friends again, yes, a dance time works wonders with my and my two daughters.

  7. First things first I really like your choice of topic as it is the most relevant one in the current times, a must read for all the parents

  8. yes keeping kids physically active during lockdown is a major stress for parents . but making a routine always help. at my place, we either go for biking or walking as a family and this small step help a lot in being physically active despite having other outdoor restrictions.

  9. Keeping kids engage during lockdown physical activities is really important thank you for sharing and throwing light on useful topic

  10. Kids have had a very difficult time getting physically active, but as you mentioned it is good for their health and overall development to be active. Great tips for all parents

  11. My children are fond of extra-curricular activities. During the lockdown, my daughter enrolled for ballet dancing and my son started to learn playing synthesizer. Those are stress busters for them and for us too, knowing that they are busy.

  12. These are some great tips. Pandemic has taught us a lot. We learned to become more creative at the same time know how to live in less. And having a routine and indulging in physical activity has become priority.

  13. These are some great tips and I am happy that my kid’s dances daily and they are quite active for the last few months. They love to dance so they try to learn by seeing the dance videos from YouTube. Very nice post

  14. Since kids are indoors most of the time due to the situation, it’s important to find ways to keep them fit indoors too. helpful post.

  15. Due to this pandemic situation, it has become very important for us mothers to see that our kids are active, because all day they have to stay at home. Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece.

  16. Love the tips taht yiuve given here ruchi. Especially the one where you’ve mentioned the family skit is something that rbrought me nostalgic memories from my childhood. Im sure this will benefit parents

  17. Of course, we have to keep our kids fit and active, even if they are confined indoors. These are some very useful tips that you have come up with.

  18. Nice tips shared. Keeping kfis busy and entertained is very tough specilly in the lockdown. I too make kids involve in dance and workout to keep them moving .

  19. The immunity development process has been slowed down by staying home day and night . Your tips are so helpful in this case . Thank you .

  20. With lockdown physical activities and play time for kids indeed got affected. And to ensure their fitness its important we do things at home that help them stay fit. You have given very helpful suggestions for keeping them fit and active

  21. My son loves playing with Lego and reading about Space. He also likes to play quizzes and indoor games. In fact he is more adaptive to the current situation than I thought.

  22. Hello continue to post such reasonable and critical articles.

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