How to Deep clean a house before moving in?

Deep Cleaning

Moving into a new house, your dream house is the extremely exciting and fun part. But, before you enter inside and start a new journey make sure your new Adobe doesn’t get affected by any unwanted problems. To avoid all this, you need to be very well prepared before you step into your dream house.

Why Deep Cleaning is important?

Deep cleaning is the first step after you decide on your date of movement and before you unload your stuff. Whether you are purchasing a new home or shifting to a rental home, remember you will never get an empty house again to go for a deep clean.

Normally people who move out from the space clean the home and then hand over the keys even if the newly purchased home is deeply cleaned and then handed over to you but despite all this deep cleaning from your end is required to make sure your space is as clean as you required.

How and where to start?

It’s always better to have a perfect plan for any job so you can’t choose a random job to be done any day. Make a plan that which area you will cover for cleaning and what it will require you to make it done.

You can schedule your cleaning according to your choice from Kitchen, and living room to the toilets. Sharing a few areas which you should work on before moving into.

1. Bathroom:

To start your move-in cleaning should be your Bathrooms. This place why I prefer to be cleaned first is that as we start our cleaning up process bathrooms will be most commonly going to be used.

Deep clean your bathroom and start with stains, it could be on floor tiles or wall tiles, you can use baking soda paste and add some vinegar leaving for 30 to 45 minutes you can scrub with a brush or toothbrush to clean. We can remove toilet and shower stains with the same mixture of Baking soda and Vinegar.

If you feel that the toilet seats are not up to the mark(in the case of a secondhand home or rented home), get them changed as it is for your hygiene.

There are many disinfection mixtures also available in the market used to clean towel hangers, switchboards, and even doors.

2. Kitchen:

Deep Clean a house before moving in is really important and you should not miss cleaning up your kitchen which is going to be the next most used place in your home.

Clean the sink if it is stainless steel with a homemade mixture of lemon and water to give it a shine. Make sure to check the drainage system and it should not have any clogs. The countertop, cabinets, and chimney should be properly cleaned with the kitchen cleaner. Make sure you don’t miss cleaning all drawers in the kitchen to eliminate any sort of odors.

3. Living Room and Bedrooms

This is the easiest place to clean as of now because there is currently no furniture present. Make sure you clean all stains if any are found on the floor or tiles. If there is wallpaper and you want to change it, do this as soon as possible, and if not you can wipe it down with a dry cloth. We must clean all ceiling fans in all rooms and wipe down all of the walls and ceilings too.

In addition, the windows of each room and the window panes should get checked and cleaned thoroughly. Be sure to also clean all of your furniture with a quality upholstery cleaner – see here- , prior to moving. Doing so will ensure that all of your belongings are clean and ready to be used as soon as you move into your new home. 

Deep Clean

4. Balcony or Deck Area

Balconies and deck areas of any home are the most loved place to enjoy quality time with family or have me-time. Make sure you clean it properly and have a mosquito net placed properly on doors.

If there is a drainage outlet, check it and get it properly cleaned.

5. House Painting:

If you are shifting into a rented home or buying a second-hand property, go for house painting, filling up the patches on the wall, and this will give your home a clean and new look.

6. Pest Control:

Finding a reputable pest control expert, such as those at Aptive pest control in Texas is very important before you move into a new home. You should get an appointment with an exterminator to visit and check your home for unwanted guests, and spray the areas that are affected, and help to give advice on any preventative measures you can take to decrease the likeliness of pest infestations. Don’t just check inside your home, walk around the exterior as well as you may find wasp and hornet nests in the corners of your brickwork. If you do see these insects it is important that you call Wasp and Hornet Control services to come and deal with them right away as they can make their way inside your home if left.

Don’t miss checking these things before moving in:

1. Electric wire Connections:

Electric wiring needs to be checked properly before you step in with your furniture and stuff. All the electric points should work properly and in case you need any other electric points get it done before stepping in.

2. Water Supply and leakage

Do check the inlet and outlet point of the water supply, all drainage pipes should be properly cleaned and no leakage should be there afterward.

3. Safety First

It’s important before moving in to hire a locksmith and get all the locks changed to have peace of mind.

Finding a new home is one of the toughest jobs but if you are looking for a new dream house in Whistler check out Whistler Homes for Sale, and get your new nest.

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  1. Deep cleaning before moving in saves us from future labour. We can enjoy the new place for the first few months without worrying about the cleaning part. It had happened with a few of my friends when the old tenants left the place not in a great shape and my friends had to take care of the cleaning and unpacking.

  2. During last 5 years , I had done moving many times and I know how stressful is it. you have shared really great tips dear and we keep most of these factors in mind, while moving to new house. will check locksmith services, looking promising to me.

  3. Totally agree with you it’s always safe and good option to clean home before shifting into new house actually this makes things better and easy at least for some time … Amazing topic you have picked up.

  4. Good points. Moving in with kids is a task. I am sure, following these points are a must to check before going.

  5. Recently I have moved into my dream adobe and as you mentioned I have taken care of all these things. And checking up all the locks is the key as security at a new place if of utmost importance.

  6. This is such an important thing to be very careful about. A thorough cleansing of the house is very much required before we move in. I have done a lot of shiftings because of change in cities and I make sure to do this sort of deep cleaning of the house, before I actually settle in.

  7. You have really shared great tips, cleaning before moving into a new house saves time. Hiring the locksmith and getting all the locks changed to have peace of mind is best to advise.

  8. Deep cleaning is extremely important since once we move in it can be tiresome for us as well. From safety and hygiene point of view too it’s quite necessary.

  9. These are really absolutely necessary procedures to follow before moving in. The advantage of course is you have an empty house and the hassles of cleaning, painting, etc., are much less as compared to an occupied house.

  10. Since we’re moving into a new house sometime next month, this is a very useful post for me. I was planning to deep clean my house in any case. Now I know what to do exactly for that!

  11. It’s always prudent to deep clean the home before moving in, and especially nowadays we can’t ignore this. the other pointers u have mentioned to check before shifting are worth taking note of.

  12. I am a person with acute OCD and have always taken deep cleaning seriously, be it the home we are living or any other place. Moving to a new house, definitely need extra cleaning and this is a right guide.

  13. Moving houses is so hard and it does require some planning. Deep cleaning them before moving in definitely helps in many ways. These are some wonderful tips and I usually get pest control done where ever I have moved.

  14. Totally agree with you . Deep cleaning before moving in saves us from future hassles anyday. This service from Locksmith sounds promising

  15. Indeed before moving in we need to take care of so many things and cleanliness is one of the most important factors. These are good suggestions to begin and ensure the house is in perfect shape before we move in.

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