How To Choose A Color Style Of Your Double Dupatta In Bridal Lehenga

How To Choose A Color Style Of Your Double Dupatta In Bridal Lehenga

April 25, 2019 25 By Ruchi Verma

A dupatta is an essential piece of clothing in a bride’s ensemble that adds a touch of elegance to the entire outfit. A bride can either go with just one dupatta or style her wedding outfit with two dupattas to look like the ultimate diva on her D-day. A colorful dupatta used as a double dupatta can make a bride look vibrant and beautiful.

Though the addition of a second dupatta can enhance the style appeal of the outfit, the task of deciding its color style can prove to be daunting for any bride. As maintaining the right color balance is imperative for making a tasteful fashion statement. Here are some of the tips you can use to choose a color style of the double dupatta that complements your bridal lehenga and makes you look gorgeous on your special day.

Matching with your wedding ensemble

The first factor to consider is the color of the lehenga combination. If the color of your lehenga skirt, blouse, and primary dupatta are the same, then you can pick a matching color for the second dupatta. If you are planning to adorn the classic red lehenga outfit on the wedding day, then you can cover the head with a red dupatta and take another red bridal dupatta as the double dupatta for the ensemble. Make sure that the double dupatta is lighter in weight than the primary dupatta.

When it comes to matching the color style of the double dupatta with the wedding ensemble, you should make sure that the double dupatta is of the same color. The shade of the color you pick can vary depending on the kind of look you are aiming at. If you are going with a pink shade lehenga skirt and blouse that features a golden border, then for the double dupatta you can choose a golden bridal dupatta. Drape it around the waist area to create a memorable and fashionable look.

Contrasting with your wedding ensemble

Alternatively, you can pick a color style that contrasts with the rest of your wedding ensemble. If the color of your lehenga outfit is red, then you can create a striking look by adding a blue-colored second dupatta to the ensemble.

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Picking a contrasting color for the double dupatta will accentuate the visual appeal of the bride. There are a variety of color combinations that you can try for the ultimate contemporary look. Here are some of the color combinations that you can consider:

Pink and Turquoise

Bridal Lehenga
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Turquoise is the in-trend color for wedding day fashion. It exuberates a contemporary look with a touch of tradition. Use a turquoise-colored dupatta as a double dupatta to accentuate the style appeal of your entire lehenga outfit. Pair it with a pink-colored primary dupatta to create an eye-pleasing look.

Red and Green

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Add a pop of color to your wedding day outfit by picking green and red-colored dupattas. The red bridal dupatta exuberates the traditional look and looks best when used as a primary dupatta. Meanwhile, the green bridal dupatta adds a pop of color to the outfit as a double dupatta and makes you stand out.

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Pink and Red

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The classy and stylish combo of pink and red can make your wedding outfit look incredibly fashionable. These feminine colors are bound to take your wedding day fashion to a whole new level and make you look like the most stunning bride.

Yellow and Orange

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Both yellow and orange are eye-catching colors and going with this color combination for your wedding dupatta style can help you make a remarkable fashion statement on your wedding day. You can choose to cover the head with the orange dupatta and drape the yellow one around or the other way around, the choice is all yours to make.

Aside from the aforementioned color combinations, there are many other combinations that you can experiment with. Adding a colorful dupatta as a double dupatta for the lehenga outfit can make you stand out from the other brides and help you create an amazing fashion statement. Go ahead and adorn a double dupatta on your wedding day and look gracious and stylish.

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