5 Reasons How Playing Online Games Help In Brain Development

Whether it’s a 5-year-old or an individual living in his/her 50s, everyone loves to play online games every now & then and with the advancement of technology, playing games has become simpler than ever.

Recently I was getting bored at home and decided to play a game online. I was scrolling through the internet, searching for games and I came across the coolest gaming website Calculators which lets people play online games absolutely for free.

The games were quite refreshing, I ended up playing 4 games on their website, the one that I really enjoyed was UNO.

Playing games can play a vital role in an individual’s social as well as mental growth and it impacts the overall development of the brain. Providing you have the best internet for gaming it allows a gamer to connect with another, and gives an opportunity to socialize, show their skills and become more confident.

Today, we are living in 2022, those days of boring snake games are over. The online games available in the market in 2022 are full of strategies, leadership, skills, etc, that help in brain development of an individual.

I know it’s hard to digest that Letting Your Child Play Online Games Will Develop His or Her Brain, but it’s true and of course there should be a limit to everything.

In this article we will be discussing the Top 5 Reasons: How Playing Online Games Help In Brain Development of an individual.

5 Reasons: How Playing Online Games Help In Brain Development

Brain development is a very essential part of the human body. A developed brain allows an individual to do multitasking, manage people, use their full potential, etc.

An individual can develop his/her brain by socialising, playing sports, doing physical activities like exercises, playing online games etc.

You must have heard about all the ways of brain development I wrote above, but most probably this is the first time, you must be seeing online games in that list.

And it’s true, online games do help in developing the brain. Want to know how? Continue Reading.

1. Builds Problem Solving Skills

Playing games helps in building problem solving skills because we need to think outside the box to solve puzzles and challenges that pushes our brain to think beyond the boundaries, and finding solutions for solving the puzzle or how to win a challenge in a game, promoting brain development.

These creative problem solving skills help an individual in his/her life in many ways and at several phases of their life, right from when they are in school in their studies till they start a business or start working in an MNC.

2. Helps in Enhancing Memory Power

Playing games also improves our memory by helping us learn new things. It stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for learning and remembering.

When we play map games, or games that include certain controls and in order to win we memorise certain moves or how a particular game is played, that helps in improving our memory power, ultimately leading to brain development.

Online games

3. Online Games Helps in Increasing Attention Span

Playing games helps in improving attention span too. When an individual is playing an online game, he or she completely submerges into the game, which commands their focus and attention, this submersion can encourage them to develop their ability to focus on one subject for extended periods of time.

Online casino games, such as those found at Slotswise, have a similar effect and can improve decision making and concentration abilities. By rewarding those who pay attention to their games with bigger rewards and continued entertainment, the brain is encouraged to continue this focused behaviour in order to experience greater rewards.

Having the ability to focus for long periods can be extremely beneficial in all parts of life, whether this be studying, doing everyday tasks at a job or trying to read a book in your spare time.

4. Boosts Creativity

Playing strategy games enhances creativity in an individual, as strategy and planning games requires a lot of effort and unique ways in order to win and this leads to thinking of creative solutions for dealing with challenges and competition.

Being creative can be very helpful for an individual in several phases of his or her life, whether it’s a job, business, studies, or something else. A creative person is loved by everyone and gets more opportunities than a non creative individual.

5. Builds Confidence

Playing online games gives us an opportunity to socialise with other people by texting within the game or via using mic. It helps in developing social skills which ultimately helps in building as well as boosting confidence of an individual.

Confidence helps an individual in achieving things in life that look unachievable to almost everyone. A confident person looks more appealing and has the ability to become a good leader.

Apart from just boosting dopamine in human beings, or enjoyment, online games play a significant role in our lives. Every now and then everyone should play online games, with their families, friends, or children.

If kids are allowed to play brain challenging games for some time in a day, it can be very helpful in brain development of kids.

But keep in mind do not get addicted to playing online games, otherwise you will end up disturbing your mental health and also keep check on your kids online games screen time.

I hope you loved reading the article. These were 5 major reasons, how playing online games helps in brain development of an individual.

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  1. As long as kids dont get addicted to it, there’s no harm in playing online games. My daughter too plays it with her online friends one a while.

  2. I enjoyed playing a few games on Calculators too. I like the fact that the gaming site is family-friendly too.

  3. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    To be honest I had no idea about these positive sides of playing online games. I always thought of the negative effects, and that’s why I did never try playing any. Thanks for this. I definitely will check with their website.

  4. Interesting. I never really came across an article talking about the benefits of playing online games. So, this is a first for me.

  5. I agree with on all the points and it is very important to play games to stay active. And these almost all the cards are available online and I enjoyed playing them.

  6. If the game time is specific and child does not get affected by the result, then surely online games does more good than harm. I agree with the pointer that says it helps brain to function at higher speed.

  7. I was having this conversation with my kid just yesterday when she flaunted her online gaming streak of winning. True to what you have mentioned here, online games could teach everyone many things, one must have the right approach to it.

  8. I 100% agree that online games not just boost the brain power but also helps you unwind yourself and spend some me time doing thing that you like the mos. I will check out these games for myself soon

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