How can you plan your destination wedding on a small budget?

Whenever someone utters ‘destination wedding’ we immediately think of an extravagant wedding in exotic locations. While most people tend to go overboard to host a super fancy wedding away from their place of residence, it doesn’t mean you can’t have one on a limited budget.

Truth be told, a destination wedding, in fact, can cost less than a city wedding if you plan it right. So if you are looking for ways to do it right, read on to know-how.

Location matters

Planning a destination wedding in an expensive location – for example, a vineyard wedding in Italy or a royal wedding in Rajasthan – is, of course, going to cost more. But when you pick a popular destination closer home there are wider varieties of properties available for all budgets. Take Goa for example. It has pristine beaches ideal for a tropical wedding and there are beautiful churches or sea view resorts for an indoor wedding. The food is great and the nightlife is the best in India. And the best part is you can avail it all without breaking your bank if you book a destination wedding planner in Goa. Just let them know your budget and other requirements and they will find you the best local properties and vendors that meet your needs.

Trim down the guest list

The idea behind having a destination wedding is to keep it intimate. Toss away the friends you are not in touch with anymore and the nosy neighbors or relatives who annoy you. Keep the guest list short and invite only the people you care deeply about. That’s a great way to save money!

Go Local

Hiring good quality, local vendors are ideal to stay within the wedding budget. When you go to a highly sought-after location like Goa, you can find an array of wedding businesses to help you find local vendors in great deals. Art Goa, for example, is one such wedding planner in Goa who can help you book local decorators, caterers, makeup artists, photographers, etc. within your budget.

plan your destination wedding

Keep a check on decor cost

If you plan your big day in an exotic location like Goa, let the setting do the most talking instead of spending on overgenerous decor. For example, skip the expensive floral arrangements and go for hanging frames or candles in mason jars instead. If you are going for an indoor event, choose a resort with a well-decorated ballroom. But if your heart is set on adding unique decor that speaks to your personality, go for one of the best wedding planners in Goa who knows the local flower vendors who can supply you with fresh low-cost floral arrangements.

 How about the off-season?

It’s no secret that setting the wedding date in peak season is going to cost you more – be it in your city or in a popular destination like Goa. So opting for a somewhat off-season wedding can come really handy when you are on a budget. But if you are not flexible on the date, hire a reputed destination wedding planner in Goa who can find you the best possible deal even in peak season.

Now you can also plan your destination wedding and make it memorable for a lifelong!!

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  1. Kam kharch me destination wedding ho sakti hai, dekh kar vishwas nahi hu per aapne bahut smart ideas diye hain ??

  2. Goa is a perfect destination for a big fat wedding and choosing a right wedding planner is very important.

  3. i love the idea of an off-season destination wedding. better location & less expenditure. Thanks for the lovely tip

  4. Indeed destination wedding needs proper plan. These tips are going to eases the process

  5. Wow , I often hear about destination wedding and always think it must require so much of money. but your post has given some amazing small budget ideas.

  6. I have always wanted a destination wedding probably will do a small ceremony on 10th anniversary.. thanks for these tips.

  7. Noor Anand Chawla

    These are all useful tips for saving money on a destination wedding without compromising on the quality of the functions.

  8. This is useful information to plan wedding wisely and save on spending extra.

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