Holistic Development of Construction Workers and Their Families

Holistic Development of Construction Workers and Their Families

November 26, 2018 37 By Ruchi Verma

As much as PNB Housing believes in rendering highly satisfactory services to its customers, it believes in giving back to society with equal weightage. Their Corporate Social Responsibility team is adept at bringing positive changes in the lives of many marginalized communities through their continuous interventions.

In India, agriculture industry employs the highest number of people but the gradually real estate industry has grown to be the second highest employer. Construction workers form the real backbone of this industry and yet remain at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.

The frequent migration and residing on construction sites not only impacts their health and puts lives to risk but also impacts their children.   

Offsite training is set up in areas where construction workers usually migrate from. The training partners reach out to the communities around the centers and mobilize the unemployed semi-skilled youth who are keen to learn, explore and join the construction industry.

These training centers give them theory and practical sessions which are also followed by industrial visits. After completion of the training, placements opportunities are also offered to the candidate to earn better.

In FY2017-18, PNB Housing trained around 8500 construction workers across India and aims to train another 10,000 workers, with a purpose to bring a change in the lives of these marginalized workers.

Day care centers for children of construction workers:

As much as construction workers are affected, their children suffer too when it comes to accessing healthy food, safe environment, and education, due to frequent migration and poor livability on construction sites. No wonder, the children of our country are malnourished. Taking their efforts to empower construction workers even more, over the years, PNB Housing has been establishing and supporting day care centers at the construction sites for these children with the help of its NGO partners.

PNB housing has established 32 daycare centres at construction sites in association with Mobile Creches where these children are provided with nutrition, learning, care and protection, 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. The Company has already helped more than 3500 children through this programme in aFY2017-18 alone.

Even pregnant mothers are supported and expecting mothers are made aware and encouraged for institutional birth at registered hospitals. The on-ground project teams also support lactating mothers for first 6 months. Regular checkups, immunization, linkages to government hospitals and providing supplementary nutrition are a part of the health intervention.

These centers also provide a supplementary diet for children and a minimum of 500 calories for each child is ensured. Fresh, hot, cooked meals are prepared at the center and three meals a day are served to these children.

The special diet including eggs and bananas is provided to children who are malnourished and weigh below the norms. Under-weight children are fed with soft foods and high protein supplements.

 Through the day care centers, the education interventions of PNB Housing lay emphasis on education of children. In the age group of 6-14 years, the children who are entitled to be in school as per the Right to Education Act; the center staff conducts special meetings with parents to convince them to enroll their children in nearby government schools. The staff also guides the parents and visits the school with them to assist them for the enrolment.

In the 3-6 years’ age group, the children have imparted school readiness skills that will help them prepare better for admissions into primary schools.

In the current Financial year 2018-19, PNB Housing has been able:

  • Impact lives of more than 3600 children in the age group of 0-14 years
  • Conduct health check-ups for 1480+ children
  • Provide deworming doses to 300+ children in need
  • Ensure improvement in weight and overall health of nearly 200 malnutrition children
  • Facilitate school readiness for 520+ children in the age group of 3-6 years
  • Ensure enrollment of 70+ children in the age group of 6-14 years into formal schools
  • Provide counseling to 160+pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Reach out to nearly 3000 community members to spread awareness on social issues.

This is something which we believe that PNB Housing is doing wonderfully to make India a better place for everyone to live in, earn more, get educated and be successful.

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