Himanshi Parashar presenting Uttar Pradesh in fbb Miss India 2018

Himanshi Parashar presenting Uttar Pradesh in fbb Miss India 2018

Himanshi Parashar is just like a girl next door, pretty and full of energy with dreams to fly high, won for herself crown of fbb Miss Uttar Pradesh 2018 and will be competing for fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 along with more beauties of different states.

18 years old Himanshi have dreams and she is passionate about it and ready to give her best and win the crown, inspired from her parents she holds values to stand strong and always ready to serve for India.

I connected with Himanshi and asked few quick questions on behalf of my readers and followers so that we all can know a little more about her. 

Check out her interview …

Q. What inspires you to get participated in fbb Colors Miss India 2018?

A. Miss India has always been my childhood dream. When I was very young, I still remember the days when my father used to bring me the newspaper showing the article of current Miss India and used to ask me to read it thoroughly and that after 15 minutes he’ll ask me questions. At that time I used to get scared and that was the only reason why I read those interviews. But those interviews made me start admiring these beauty queens and then gradually I started taking interests and one day I decided to be a part of that article. And now, here I am, a step closer.

Q. Who is your inspiration?

A. I’m highly inspired by both of my parents and Manushi Chillar. My father is a police officer, has taught me to serve the nation in any possible way we can. I’ve decided to join police service in future just like him. My mother, on the other hand, has always taught me about how to take a stand in the society even when everyone is against you. I’ve seen her struggle myself. She is the strongest woman for me. And We all know about Manushi Chillar, as for how she has inspired thousands of girls out there.

Q. UP state of versatility and cultural values people what would you love to make changes for betterment after winning this title?

A. Uttar Pradesh is a versatile and beautifully diverse state. I can only advice and speak to people to do something for a change for their betterment. But, if I had that opportunity to take a step, then I would’ve opened schools for middle and old aged people who did not get a chance to study in their childhood and now only dream about it. I got this idea from a known family where the mother and daughter were having an argument over something and her daughter screamed at her by saying that what do you know, you’re illiterate. Mother got quiet at that time and at that very moment, I decided that I would do something related to this someday. This is the reason why I would open schools for middle and aged people if I had an opportunity.

Q. Now, you are the face of your state what preparation you are doing to make it to the finale?

A. I’m going to have a tough competition there and I’ve to prepare for it in the best way I can. For a good preparation, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to work on them accordingly. I know them and working on them to give my best shot in the finale. 

Q. What are your hobbies and stress buster for you?

A. Dancing!!! It’s like a remedy for a bad mood to me. 

Q. Any message for co-contestants.

A. Yes! It’s going to be a journey full of excitement and learning where we should stay and stand together in unity always so that we can enjoy every bit of the moment. And make it a memorable journey.

Q. Message for your fans and readers of wigglingpen.

A. I Love You all! I love how everyone is supporting and showering love to me. I’m going to give my 200% in Finale and will try my best to bring the crown in Uttar Pradesh.

We wish you all the best Himanshi.. Stay positive and win hearts!!

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