Health problems faced by Senior Citizens

Health Problems

Health problems are one of the very common and very important factors which our elder’s face in the second inning of their life.

We as their kids, caretakers and loved ones can give them a perfect old age which makes them carry their days with happiness and tension free. But, for that, we need to understand what common health issues they face.

I am trying to share a few common health problems here related to our parents and relatives which need to be taken care off.


Food which we intake gives us Glucose to stay healthy and fit but when your blood glucose or blood sugar increases then the problem or health issue DIABETES starts.

Symptoms to keep a watch are- Increased thirst, Headache, Increased hunger, weight loss, tiredness, Urine infection or weakness. 

This problem can occur might be due to genetics or lifestyle we carry. If you see any symptoms do visit the doc.

Know more about diabetes here or look more information with Diabetes Research institute


Another common health issue which is faced by senior citizens is Obesity, which is defined as a body mass index (BMI).

To control this issue some precautions need to be taken be active, should have a healthy and balanced diet, proper exercise, walk or yoga, do avoid fat in your meal.

Blood Pressure

The increase in blood pressure with age is mostly associated with structural changes in the arteries and especially with large artery stiffness. … In the elderly, the most powerful predictor of risk is increased pulse pressure due to decreased diastolic and increased systolic blood pressure. .


Blood pressure is the most common issue which comes with growing age and it is better to keep a track of your blood pressure as if it ignored can lead to major problems like brain stroke or heart attacks.

Heart Problems

If you notice Shortness of breath, swelling in legs, ankles and feet, irregular heartbeats and even increased the need to urine at night, you need to take your elder to doctor as these are some symptoms of heart problems.

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I have often seen and it’s so common where these elderly people go under depression. There are many reasons may be due to family reasons and their age factor.

This depression can lead to many major issues from lowering their feeling to live to a feeling of enjoying life!!

We can avoid this situation by giving them proper time, listening to them, and sharing our happiness and asking their help in a tough time.


It’s so common today saying that I have a problem to forget things but have you ever imagined the life of a person who suffers from this.

With growing age, this problem can occur to anyone we need to be vigilant about this. There are many causes and types of Amnesia. 

If you notice symptoms in your elderly loved one like forgetting regularly please take them to the doctor immediately.


One of the most common medical problem in the country among people 65 and above. You can notice this majorly in overweight or underweight adults.

Now, if your loved one complains about moving joints, swelling in joints, joint stiffness, or redness in joints, these are symptoms that they have Arthritis and you need to meet the doctor.

Health problems need not be ignored and handled with extreme caring.

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  1. These are some common health problems faced by senior citizens and should be addressed properly at the right time.

  2. Another much-needed post, Ruchie. With increasing life spans, people need to more aware of the health issues faced by the elderly.

    Depression is something people rarely talk about with regard to seniors. It is particularly triggered post the loss of a spouse and often leads to low immunity. My own mom who is a septuagenarian struggled with it.

  3. Yes, these problems are so common among senior citizens but unfortunately, due to unhealthy lifestyle, many of these health problems can be found among people who are in their 30s and 40s as well.
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  4. Sach me ye sab problems age k sath aati hi hain… Ek problem aur bhi hai, neend ki kami ….bas thodi care ki jarurat hai, aur awareness ki bhi
    Thanks for post ??

  5. It is good to remember and be prepared to handle the old age issues as soon as the symptoms begin. Thanks for going through some common ones and signs to look out for

  6. With the current trend of lifestyle people follow, it is advised we keep a check on these post 35.

  7. These have got common in youngsters too these days. The food we eat is not as healthy as our elders and ancestors were eating. It’s sad…

  8. While many of us know the common physical ailments that older people suffer from, we forget that they could also be depressed. Lack of vitality and low energy may not be only age related. The older people in our family need our live and attention.

  9. You said it perfect the health issues you mentioned most of the senior citizens are facing, they need our love and care

  10. Great post to explain the growing needs that aging adults need. It is so important to get the treatment needed when the symptoms arise. As an RN, I see some many ignore the warning signs because they are afraid to seek help and in turn delay treatment and end up in worse conditions. Thank you for sharing this post.

  11. I really believe that the older you get, the more you have to be vigilant about your health. When you get down to it, aging is just your body wearing out. The older it gets, the more it’s going to need maintenance.

  12. I think these diseases are linked to lifestyle. If we educate younger people to eat right and exercise, these diseases will be prevented.

  13. These are some common problems that comes with certain age and we need to take care of a self and elders so that they can live a healthy lifestyle.

  14. You have touched down some very relevant points here, thanks for sharing

  15. I agree with you. I feel they are the most neglected. It’s important for us as their younger generation to support them fully. One more thing we need to take care of our lifestyle right now so that we are free of these diseases in our old age.

  16. These are definitely very common. Great things to look out for with older folks.

  17. Those are pretty common in the elderly. However, I agree with Nazish, depression and obesity happen so much more frequently in kids now too.

  18. Thank you for this post. As early as now, I am taking care of myself. because when the time comes, I want to be as healthy as I can be. Prevention is always better than cure.

  19. along with all these physical ailments or problems, what senior citizens go thru is loneliness. we must make them feel valued, included and involved.
    Ruchie I loved your Alexa ranking, want to be there one day.

  20. This is a very useful post and much needed one. Thanks for sharing. I think they are also affected by loneliness and with time depression. As others pointed out nowadays such diseases are becoming very common in kids as well

  21. A healthy lifestyle in your younger years is so important to avoid these diseases of old age. Great article.

  22. I can certainly see how depression can be a health problem in seniors as they get older. This is one of the mental health issues that family members and care workers must be on the look out for.

  23. I love the post and it reminds people to keep an eye on older family, friends etc, as they have problems that one day we may face too xx

  24. These are some common senior citizens maladies. As we age, we need to be more careful about what we are eating.

  25. Tiffany La Forge-Grau

    So much of it comes down to the health of your heart. It is important to keep it strong early!

  26. I lost my Dada ji and Nani ji in the difference of 15 days and i was so close to both of them. I am Thankful that you shared this post as it is very important to understand the situations or diseases they can easily have.

  27. when i see my parents in their old age, i am always worried about what they all have to go through. this was informative indeed. #princyreads

  28. Diabetes and high blood pressures are the most common in many families. Though some may be genetic also but it is important to have a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

  29. Such a great topic that should be discussed. We should really raise an awareness about our elders’ health problems and people would here about it and help.

  30. You have pen down some very important points here. It’s a very informative post.

  31. A healthy lifestyle is a must for everyone these days.

    Without this, it is tough to maintain health for a long time.

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