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For every moth­er the every moment when you see your child smil­ing and play­ing and grow­ing each day is the hap­py moment. When Ira was born in 2008 that day I thought this is my hap­pi­est moment, she com­plet­ed me and my wom­an­hood ..every­day is so hap­py and delight­ful that men­tion­ing one moment is real­ly tough.…

Years lat­er Ira start­ed ask­ing for her younger both­er or sis­ter , whie study­ing about sib­lings in EVS she start­ed demand­ing for younger one and we decid­ed again to bring home lit­tle joy of bundle but this time God was hold­ing some­thing else in his plan. My lit­tle boy got deliv­ered in 6th mon­th and was extreme­ly pre­ma­ture where doc­tors told us no chances of sur­vival …he was there in NICU but doc­tors were wait­ing for some bad news to give us, they don’t even kept him on life sup­port sys­tem and for 8 hours my fight­er son was fight­ing his bat­tle with­out any arti­fi­cial life sup­port.

Then doc­tors called us and said let’s admit him and start med­ical treat­ment with all tests and all, we hap­pi­ly agreed hop­ing for mir­a­cles and after 2 months of med­ical treat­ment in hos­pi­tal when doc called us and said “Yes you can take VIRAJ the mir­a­cle boy home” that moment was the hap­pi­est moment for me as a moth­er, It’s God’s bless­ings and my son’s fight­ing spir­it with our prayers he is with us as naughty lit­tle one.

Read full sto­ry of his birth here.


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  1. Peo­ple who strug­gle ear­ly in Life, usu­al­ly gets the Best in Life in Future. Your child has “Fought for Sur­vival”. It is inbuilt in him to Be Strong, To Sur­vive.
    He is Blessed and so are You. His pic is very cute.

  2. Your son is tru­ly a mir­a­cle boy as he sur­vived through all the strug­gles. Bless­ings for him and kudos to you for being a strong mom­my. Thanks for shar­ing your sto­ry and for writ­ing for #Mon­day­Mom­my­Mo­ments.

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