Happy Diwali Safe Diwali

Well as soon as I entered in mar­ket what I see full fes­tive sea­son , roads are all set as its only few days for Diwali


From God’s idol to sweets , crack­ers and lights and diya !!! Wow took me back to my childhood.…I always used to accom­pa­ny my father as I want­ed to do more shop­ping for Diwali from new clothes to sweets and yes my fav crack­ers …

But now as a par­ent now I under­stand why papa nev­er left me alone in Diwali .….
Few tips which will real­ly make your fes­ti­val more beau­ti­ful and mem­o­rable with your kids

Some safe­ty tips

Buy good qual­i­ty fire­works from licensed shops as the­se shops have been checked for qual­i­ty and safe­ty.

Always light fire­works in an open space like ter­race or a gar­den and nev­er inside a house.

Don’t leave kids alone accom­pa­ny them when they are bust­ing crack­ers.

Change into cot­ton clothes while burst­ing crack­ers. Wear eth­nic and syn­thet­ics dur­ing puja but they are more like­ly to catch fire.

Make sure your kid is wear­ing closed shoes so that they don’t burn their feet acci­den­tal­ly.

Burst crack­ers from safe dis­tance and always take enough time before going back.

Keep a first-aid box handy to deal with any emer­gen­cy.

Try to avoid notice pol­lu­tion it may give prob­lem to patients and lit­tle kids.

Last but not least buy sweets only from good renowned shops to avoid any health issue.

Be a respon­si­ble par­ent and enjoy fullest this Diwali and have safe and hap­py Diwali…



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