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July 22, 2016 31 By Ruchi Verma

Day 7


Lavish marriage, sangeet , haldi , guests , food …this is dream of every bride & groom.

Abhay Deware and Preeti Kumbhare also had so many dreams for their marriage. Abhay is an IRS officer undergoing training at the Nagpur-based National Academy of Direct Taxes (NADT) and Preeti is working as assistant manager with IDBI Bank’s Mumbai branch when they got to know about the expenditure occurred on marriages and was shocked to see the statistics. He came across a survey where it was mentioned that over Rs1 lakh crore were spent in India every year on marriages. “It’s a staggering amount in poor country like ours where even the budget is around Rs16 lakh crore. The study further mentioned that despite huge disparity in the standard of living, people spend anywhere from Rs3 lakh-Rs 5 crore on a wedding, they decided to bring change and do something for those poor farmers family who committed suicide.

They tied knot at Abhiyanta Bhavan in Amravati, in simple way, and farm activist Chandrakant Wankhede addressed the people on the farmers’ suicides.

Young couple donated Rs20,000 each to 10 farmers’ families where farmer committed suicide due to debts and successive crop failures. Not only this this young couple lead an example by providing books of competitive examinations worth Rs52,000 to five libraries in Amravati, including at their native village Umbarda Bazaar in Karanja Lad.

Surprised to know that menu of their wedding was very simple including chapati, rice, dal, and sabji, and without any sweet.

Abhay says “The idea was revolving in the mind ever since I met President Pranab Mukherjee during his field visit. He advised us to become an agent of socio-economic change. Fortunately, even my wife was having similar thoughts. My in-laws also supported us and they were the ones who took the lead in finding out families where farmers had ended their lives,”

Hats off to this young inspiring couple & their parents who supported them.

I take pride to wish them a very happy & healthy married life ahead from all over here who are reading this post.

Information input: TOI & FB 

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