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Good tad­ka , good masala would make your food and plate much tastier but it’s time for “Good­ness ki Shu­ru­aat”

If you aren’t a good cook but are equipped with the best masalas, you are bound to have hap­py faces at your din­ing table

For my read­ers bring­ing review of amaz­ing deli­cious masalas by TATA SAMPANN


Get ready to jour­ney of tasty world !!!

  1. Tata Sam­pann Nat­u­ral­ly rich turmer­ic Pow­derimg_6662 Well this is what real­ly a pro­duct which I rec­om­mend you as being a moth­er of a tod­dler I know how impor­tant is dal for my kid and if that is cooked with NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS USED turmer­ic pow­der who could not be hap­py.                   Well, this turmer­ic pow­der is real­ly real in colour and aro­ma of high qual­i­ty Salem turmer­ic. It’s qual­i­ty is guar­an­teed as Cur­cum­in is a bright yel­low chem­i­cal pro­duced by some plants. It is the prin­ci­pal cur­cum­i­noid of turmer­ic, a mem­ber of the gin­ger fam­i­ly. It is sold as an herbal sup­ple­ment, cos­met­ics ingre­di­ent, food fla­vor­ing and food col­or­ing. Cur­cum­in is nat­u­ral ele­ment which gives haldi it’s deep yel­low colour and ayurvedic prop­er­ties. That’s why every pack of Tata Sam­pannn Turmer­ic pow­der comes with a guar­an­tee of min­i­mum 3% Cur­cum­in. This means bet­ter quality,better colour and bet­ter taste.     MRP of 200g pack is just : Rs 67/- 
  2. Tata Sam­pann Nat­u­ral­ly rich Chilli Pow­der : Just like haldi Tata sam­pann pro­duct Red chilli pow­der also comes with NO img_6661arti­fi­cial colours. Chilli pow­der is per­fect mix of Teja and Byadgi chill­ies for rich red colour and per­fect spici­ness. Qual­i­ty is sure shot guar­an­teed as red chill­ies are made up of Cap­saicin which makes them spicy. Cap­saicin is an active com­po­nent of chili pep­pers, which are plants belong­ing to the genus Cap­sicum. It is an irri­tant for mam­mals, includ­ing humans, and pro­duces a sen­sa­tion of burn­ing in any tis­sue with which it comes into con­tact. Tata Sam­pann Chilli pow­der is rich in Cap­saicin and comes with a min­i­mum guar­an­tee of 40,000 SHU pun­gen­cy and 100 ASTA colour guar­an­tee. This means supe­ri­or qual­i­ty, every time.… MRP of 100g pack is Rs 36/-
  3. Tata Sam­pann Nat­u­ral­ly rich Dal Tad­ka Masala :  Want to make every­day a spe­cia
    l dal. If you are pur­chas­ing 100g of dal tad­ka masala you know what is major ten­sion img_6653you are going to get free off .yes, when I used to pur­chase such packs the major issue is when ever I open it and used for first times it taste bes but for sec­ond time aro­ma is gone but withimg_6655                Tata sam­pann 5 pouch­es for one time sin­gle use is there, which means every time same aro­ma , same pour­ness and same ever­last­ing taste. MRP of 100 grm pack (5 Pouch­es* 20g) = Rs. 58/-
  4. Tata Sam­pann Nat­u­ral­ly rich Pun­jabi Chhole Masala :  I love Pun­jabi chhole but to get same taste was big task but this Tata Sam­pann Pun­jabi Chhole masala made my life easy as it gives authen­tic taste of Pun­jabi Chole.img_6656 Taste every­time you cook with this masala wuld be same as it also comes with 5 pouch­es of 20 gms in 100 gms pack.img_6657 I got true taste of pun­jab … My daugh­ter was like ” Wow mom this is so very tasty …first time I loved so much Chhol bha­ture“MRP of 100g pack (5Pouches*20g)= Rs 60/-
  5. Tata Sam­pann Nat­u­ral­ly rich Paneer Masala : One masala, three dish­es for your loved ones —  img_6658cook Shahi paneer, Mut­ter paneer or Kad­hai Paneer this masala will def­i­nite­ly enhance taste com­ing in img_66595 pouch­es every pouch for sin­gle use to keep store the same untouched aro­ma for your next recipe. MRP of 100g (5 Pouch­es * 20g each)=Rs77/-   


My father in law nev­er used to eat paneer but recipe given on back of the pack saved me and chef’s tip real­ly helped and my father in law took Kadai paneer twice 🙂 hap­py me 🙂

Oh how can I miss you to tell that, TATA Sam­pann masalas have been devel­oped by  Mas­terchef San­jeev Kapoor for you ‚so no sec­ond though about it’s puri­ty and behind every pack you get exclu­sive recipe by this great Mas­terchef !!! 

The­se are com­ing direct­ly as they are best of farms , made from the best vari­ety of whole spices. Only tje best qual­i­ty of spices give the best taste. That’s why, Tata Sam­pann Masalas are made from select var­i­ties of spicies like Salem Turmer­ic, Mal­abari Black Pep­per, Pahadi Car­damom. Teja Chilli, etc. All the­se spices are 100% ster­l­ized, which means great taste and com­plete safe­ty all togeth­er. Tata Sam­pann spices retain the nat­u­ral spice oils for a bliss­ful sen­so­ri­al expe­ri­ence. It’s all about #Good­nessK­iShu­ru­aat with #MasaledarSach.

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