After I got collaborated with fbb as a BLOGSTAR, amazing things kept on coming on the way to my blog. 

On one fine day when I opened my mailbox I received mail from fbb stating that for their BLOG STARS they are conducting the contest on #WorldShortsDay. 

Contest was all about to #DropYourPants challenge and when the whole world is celebrating #WorldShortsDay on 23rd they launched a new collection of shorts for every member of the family and we bloggers have to check and make post most fun and creative way. Vir Das video was launched and he promoted this amazing collection of fbb. 

Wigglingpen celebrated this day with a wonderful store of fbb in Thane where all members looked much excited with their amazing launch and celebrated #WorldShortsDay Read full post >>> here and quick sneak peek of this visit. 

My post got selected among all 30 blogstars and I won couple voucher trip to GOA 

After receiving my tickets my family recently visited Goa and enjoyed and wiggled there. check out some candid moments from the trip.

 [URIS id=3965]

Thank you fbb for selecting me winner for this wonderful trip and making this family time best time of the year !!!


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. This is super awe­some!! I am super unlucky when it comes to win­ning con­tests. ?? Any­way, loved your pic­tures!! You guys had an amaz­ing time it seems. ??

    1. Yeah it was amazing n superb memorial vacation

  2. I just love to fol­low you. Infact your posts have fresh­ness. This post brings a love­ly scene from Goa. Pic­tures looks superb

    1. Thanks Jiya!!

  3. Thats too cool that you got free vouch­ers trip to goa.. Amaz­ing dear so lucky you are. This trip will be mem­o­rable for you. Your pic­tures shows that you all had great fun there.

    1. Yup free trip includes all flights to stay and it’s a hard work paid after all

  4. Mamatha Eshwaraiah

    Looks like one fun trip. Same here I am unlucky with con­tests always. Amaz­ing pic­tures you have cap­tured and it just screams that you had fun

  5. Wow, that’s real­ly huge. When will I start get­ting so lucky.. I nev­er win a con­test.. Haha
    Beau­ti­ful pic­tures…

    1. Thanks nisha

  6. Nice Ruchie, its good to see you people happy alltogether.

    1. Thanks Sayeri

  7. You are so lucky mama . You got free tickets ?? to Goa.
    Lovely pictures

    1. Thanks dear

  8. Wow congratulations and so lucky too… The goa pictures look fab.

    1. Thanks a lot

  9. Wow interesting and Congratulations ?

    1. Thanks Abhimanyu

  10. The trip you had looks amazing! Loving all your pics!

  11. That’s so cool.. congrats on winning the contest.. I didn’t know there was a shorts day..

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