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Gifts!! Who doesn’t like to get a gift? My eyes started glittering when someone gifts me anything and I am sure you too get a big smile receiving one.

And so our elders too, they will never demand or when you gift them anything only one reply you must be got “Why you spend so much? We don’t need this!! Oh, I have so much already…Is this our age to get a gift? Right!! But they somewhere deep inside their heart feel happy that at least you thought about them and taken out time to bought something for them.

5 Gifts for your loved ones

1. Music for life

Yes, this is something which can energize their mood with some perfect sur, taal!! Saregma Carvaan is one of the best. From mini to bhakti many series of this little musical wonder is available. A gift to add music in life.

2. Gift Musical night/Theatre

I recently gifted my in-laws Rafi’s Musical night, before whenever I asked them whether they wish to go, they always denied and then one day I booked their tickets and cabs…Trust me when they were back ..they mentioned it was just an amazing and perfect gift for them.

If they love to see plays you can easily make them go there with easily booking online.

3. Trip with friends

This would be one of the best idea..Connect to their old friend’s kids(It’s easy as we all in the digital age) plan their trip book tickets and gift them travel to remember. Let them relive the memories of a lifetime.

4. Moments of their life

Collect all memories captured in old pictures and create new video or collage, this will refresh their old times and trust me you will get to know many unknown stories after they watch them.


5. Gift them TIME

This would be a priceless and most important gift for them. If you can gift them your little time from a busy schedule!!

What you will gift to them? Do let me know in comments below!!

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  1. Ideas bahut acche hain
    Main to spl trip ya koi relaxation spa lena chahungi
    Baaki sabki apni choices bhi hain
    Aapne sab kuch bahut acche se suggest n explain kiya hai ??

  2. There is no greater gift than time for the seniors. That is one major regret when we lose them.

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