Gift your child a hobby and it will keep the doldrums away


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Every person in this world is born with a hobby, maybe reading, singing, dancing, cooking and much more. It’s upon us how we carry that hobby in our life.

Your kid is also blessed with some hobby or talent for sure and now it’s your turn to check it and nourish her talent. I loved dancing and feel more energized whenever I dance, my parents showed me the sky and gave me wings to fly for my dream. I learned Kathak and feel blessed when teaches dance to little kids.

But, my daughter is just don’t like dancing much like me. I was little disappointed but later I realized that she is more inclined towards singing, and sings really well.

I enrolled her in few singing music classes but last year, we were lucky to come across Music guru for her, and she told us to enroll her for PRARAMBHIK Vocals and we did. She is doing so well and appeared for her 1st-year exam this April.

Why should we encourage kids for their hobby?

Now, with growing competition in school with tests, exams and pressure of scoring good grades we parents sometime ignore the value of hobbies. Ok!! Think yourself before reading ahead; have you really given your kids their hobby as their gift?

Other than academics more what we do is go outside to play, cycling or some outdoor fun with friends. Few pointers which will make you think yes let me gift my kid their hobby:

  1. Your kid’s interest will give them exposure, both mentally and physically.
  2. They will be a happy kid as they will enjoy more with their hobby.
  3. It will help them to score good grades. Trust me, when your kid will enjoy his interest or hobbies he will be fresh in mind and grasp other things more quickly.
  4. Give them sky to fly high with their dreams.
  5. Don’t force them to choose your desire and aims in life.

Well, as I told you my daughter’s love and dedication to singing her grandparents wanted to gift her something which she would love and their search ended with Casio SA-47 Mini Keyboard (32 Keys), she was top of the world after getting it and trying to practice her passion with this wonderful gift for life.


Casio, SA-47 Mini keyboard has some wonderful features like 32 Mini size keys, 100 tones, 50 rhythms which my younger one enjoys too with his sister with 10 Song Bank Tunes. Not only this as my daughter is learning vocals she is always in demand asking Harmonium and now with this keyboard problem is solved as it has Piano/Organ/Harmonium Button options.


I have gifted my daughter her hobby for life and will feel more proud if she wants to carry this as a profession. Singing is something which can heal any pain and gives you more peace.

If your kid dreams let them live with it.

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Music is the most ancient form of performing art. It is a great way to adopt as a hobby. I have a casio and am planning to get my baby into playing it.

  2. Casio in my house is like a legacy that was gifted to me by my mom and now I will gist it to my son.

  3. There is no gift better than gifting your child a passion… I remember getting a casio myself too as a kid

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