Gift for Love by Love- VURO

Gift for Love by Love- Vuro

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The month of Love, time for Gifts, gifts for someone you Love.. 

Are you really ready to celebrate this valentine’s day? If yes!! then you must have planned how and where to celebrate. Check out places in Mumbai where you can celebrate this love day, but before you check in these places be ready with gifts.

A gift which not only brings smile but also is there for a lifetime of memories.  is one such online website which promises to make this valentines day more special.

About Vuro:

With an only mission of “providing the easiest way to bring 3D designs to life by offering 3D printing services at an affordable price”, VURO is a unique place where you can really check out all great gifts for your loved ones.

What I loved the most on this website apart from normal gift ranges in home decor, Desk accessories,3D printing,  fashion, and mobile accessories is a collection of personalized gifts.

Now when we can select gifts from so many options why to go with personalized gifts, but this is also something one needs to understand.

Why Personalized gifts?

I always felt that personalized gifts add more value. Let me explain why I love them?

  • Personalized gifts bring smile. Any gift brings but when it’s personalized, it shows how much you have put an effort to create that.
  • Personalized gifts are always for life. You may be putting little extra effort today but memories of it will be cherished lifelong.
  • Personalized gifts are actually a symbol of Love.

Why VURO for personalized gifts?

Yes, there are many sites which offer personalized gift but have you ever heard something which comes with or made with same affection and sentiments. Yes, that love and affection to create your gift come with VURO.

There is great range from which you can select personalized gifts for loved ones.


Where I loved personalized Cylindrical lithophane.

From keyring to night lamp under this category, I loved the personalized lamp a lot. 

3D Printed Personalized Lithophane Lamp: This lamp lasts a lifetime and is a wonderful way to preserve your memories.

Lithophane lamps are 3D printed artwork that comes to life when lit from behind. Your favorite photos will become clearly visible and this is because these lamps are the perfect gift for your loved ones.

I would love to gift this to my mom to show my love for her this valentines day.

Ordering from this site is really easy and trustworthy. Perfect to order gifts for loved ones.

I am sure going to book something for my loved one from this personalized category but if you want to book just select gift from VURO check out with discount coupon code: JAN6YA and get 10% off on your purchase.





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