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The mon­th of Love, time for Gifts, gifts for some­one you Love.. 

Are you real­ly ready to cel­e­brate this valentine’s day? If yes!! then you must have planned how and where to cel­e­brate. Check out places in Mum­bai where you can cel­e­brate this love day, but before you check in the­se places be ready with gifts.

A gift which not only brings smile but also is there for a life­time of mem­o­ries.  is one such online web­site which promis­es to make this valen­ti­nes day more spe­cial.

About Vuro:

With an only mis­sion of “pro­vid­ing the eas­i­est way to bring 3D designs to life by offer­ing 3D print­ing ser­vices at an afford­able price”, VURO is a unique place where you can real­ly check out all great gifts for your loved ones.

What I loved the most on this web­site apart from nor­mal gift ranges in home decor, Desk accessories,3D print­ing,  fash­ion, and mobile acces­sories is a col­lec­tion of per­son­al­ized gifts.

Now when we can select gifts from so many options why to go with per­son­al­ized gifts, but this is also some­thing one needs to under­stand.

Why Personalized gifts?

I always felt that per­son­al­ized gifts add more val­ue. Let me explain why I love them?

  • Per­son­al­ized gifts bring smile. Any gift brings but when it’s per­son­al­ized, it shows how much you have put an effort to cre­ate that.
  • Per­son­al­ized gifts are always for life. You may be putting lit­tle extra effort today but mem­o­ries of it will be cher­ished life­long.
  • Per­son­al­ized gifts are actu­al­ly a sym­bol of Love.

Why VURO for personalized gifts?

Yes, there are many sites which offer per­son­al­ized gift but have you ever heard some­thing which comes with or made with same affec­tion and sen­ti­ments. Yes, that love and affec­tion to cre­ate your gift come with VURO.

There is great range from which you can select per­son­al­ized gifts for loved ones.


Where I loved per­son­al­ized Cylin­dri­cal litho­phane.

From keyring to night lamp under this cat­e­go­ry, I loved the per­son­al­ized lamp a lot. 

3D Print­ed Per­son­al­ized Litho­phane Lamp: This lamp lasts a life­time and is a won­der­ful way to pre­serve your mem­o­ries.

Litho­phane lamps are 3D print­ed art­work that comes to life when lit from behind. Your favorite pho­tos will become clear­ly vis­i­ble and this is because the­se lamps are the per­fect gift for your loved ones.

I would love to gift this to my mom to show my love for her this valen­ti­nes day.

Order­ing from this site is real­ly easy and trust­wor­thy. Per­fect to order gifts for loved ones.

I am sure going to book some­thing for my loved one from this per­son­al­ized cat­e­go­ry but if you want to book just select gift from VURO check out with dis­count coupon code: JAN6YA and get 10% off on your pur­chase.




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