Ganpati Bappa Morya


God who is also the destroy­er of all dif­fi­cul­ties and obsta­cles, Vig­na­har­ta. Pop­u­lar­ly known as Gana­p­athi Bap­pa or Lord Gane­sha, is here for 10 days to bless every­one!!!


Do you know the sto­ry of Lord Ganesh’s birth ?

His sto­ry goes like this. One fine morn­ing, it is said that God­dess Par­vathi cre­at­ed the stat­ue of a lit­tle boy out of clay and breathed life into him. Ask­ing him to stand guard at the door she went to com­plete her morn­ing rit­u­als. This lit­tle boy was doing his duty when Lord Shiva returned home from his rounds. On see­ing unknown man, the boy did not allow him into the house. On see­ing this mis­be­hav­iour of the boy Lord Shiva was angry and sev­ered the head of the child. God­dess Par­vathi on learn­ing about this lost her tem­per and ordered Lord Shiva to bring the child back to life. After which Lord Shiva cut off the head of an ele­phant and attached it to the boy’s thus giv­ing birth to Lord Gane­sha.


On this day, Gane­sha the God of wis­dom, pros­per­i­ty and aus­pi­cious­ness is wor­shipped all over the world. Arti­sans across the coun­try start work­ing on var­i­ous sizes and forms of idols of this God, to be wor­shipped in a grand man­ner. This fes­ti­val is cel­e­brat­ed all over the coun­try for a span of 1 to 10 days. On the 11th day the­se idols are tak­en through the beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed and lit up streets accom­pa­nied by song and dance and are immersed into the river/sea.

All kids and adults shout loud famous chant of “Gana­p­athi Bap­pa Morya, Phud­chya Varshi Lavkar Ya!”

This is a fes­ti­val of joy, hap­pi­ness & it is believed that Bap­pa go back tak­ing away all your pain.


Gan­pati not only VIGHNHARTHA but also teach­es us dif­fer­ent things as his every part is a sym­bol­ic of some­thing. Have a look on pic below for details!!


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  1. Loved your post. Gane­sha is my favorite too. Our fes­ti­vals and rit­u­als are hav­ing pow­er­ful mean­ing. And it’s our duty to make our younger gena­ra­tions aware of it. You have done your part beau­ti­ful­ly.

  2. Indi­an rit­u­als go more than what we see in front of us, there is sci­ence in every rit­u­al and what was for­got to do was to impart that very knowl­edge with gen­er­a­tions. Now when we search for the real rea­sons they are real­ly amaz­ing and some­times aston­ish­ing. very well writ­ten sto­ry, Hap­py Ganesh chaturthy Ruchie! / /

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