Furniture Pieces to Buy and Keep Forever

Furniture Pieces to Buy and Keep Forever

October 25, 2018 20 By Ruchi Verma

Home furniture shopping is a huge investment. The investment involved is not only regarding money but also the time and effort that you spend while choosing the home furniture products. Apart from the aesthetic appeal in terms of style, another factor when it comes to buying home furniture is the durability.

Usually, the purchase of home furniture items is a one-time investment. Therefore, it is essential that you buy long-lasting furniture products. If you wish to boost the glam quotient of your home with stylish yet ever-lasting furniture, you can have a look at the below-mentioned list of integral home furniture products that last long and make a wise purchase decision.

  1. Dining table

A sturdy dining table is a crucial aspect of a modern Indian home. It is the place where you bond with your family over meals after a hard day at work. At the table, you discuss the daily activities and hear your loved ones talk about their day. This furniture item has a superior rating when it comes to durability and standing the test of time. If you are a family of four, the Wigo Four-Seater Dining Set by Nilkamal is ideal for you! It is made in Walnut finish and is a good product for a smaller home.


  1. Dressing table

A dressing table plays an instrumental role in helping you enhance your personality. While leaving from home for any professional commitment, such as a work-related meeting or a personal engagement, for instance, a party or a family function, you solely depend on your dressing table to help you decide if you are looking your best or not.


This furniture product scores high when it comes to longevity. If you are looking for a dressing table that is compact yet classy, you may grab Woodworth’s Avian Solid Wooden Dressing Table. This dressing table comes with a mirror in a warm chestnut finish and is available at an offer price of INR 8,999.  Apart from this, there a lot of dressing table designs online from which you can easily choose the ideal dressing table furniture for your home.

  1. Bookcase 

It is said that books are your friends for life. They educate you and empower you with knowledge, wisdom, and a vocabulary. It is wonderful to have an elite collection of best-selling novels. However, once you read these books, you need a reliable space to store and flaunt them. This is when a bookshelf comes into the picture. A bookcase is truly a piece of furniture that lasts long.


If you are searching for a fancy bookcase that defines sheer elegance, you may consider buying Royal Oak’s Amber Three Door Book Case. This bookcase comes in honey brown colour and is available at a whopping discount of 51 per cent. Nowadays it is very easy to find many a bookshelf at great offer price too. So, go ahead and add this beautiful furniture piece to your living room or bedroom.


  1. Wardrobe

A spacious wardrobe is an indispensable asset in your bedroom. It is the place where you keep your clothes and various other personal belongings. When it comes to solidity, this furniture product can last for years and even decades. You can check out Mintwud’s Subarashi Six Door Wardrobe in Chocolate Finish. It comes at an offer price of INR 16,999, which is 41 per cent lower than the actual market cost.


Apart from these life-long furniture pieces, you can supplement them with other home furniture-related products such as study tables, shoe racks, sofas and loungers, and TV units. These furniture pieces are also worth keeping forever! How you decorate your home with these furniture products tells a lot about your personality, your choices & your preferences. Also, most of these furniture items are of ‘classic’ style & would never go out of fashion. This is all the more reason why you need to have all or most of these furniture items inside your home.

I am going to give some cool new look this Diwali. What you are planning? Do let me know in comments below.


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