From STEM to STEAM education

We have accepted a new trend in the education system and the importance of Empathy education. But. with these changes we have to now switch from STEM to STEAM education system.

We are living in the evolution age of the education system, and need to understand that kids that they are learning today will not work when they step into the professional world. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) was the learning philosophy for almost a decade.

Now, STEAM is what we get by adding “A” as in “ARTS” as a 21st-century approach to learning and it’s really important.


Difference between STEM and STEAM

We can’t deny that STEM is the building block of STEAM education. With STEAM students connect with the critical areas in STEM with art practices and designs. To solve our problems with creativity and innovation in the future STEAM education is very much needed.

Importance of STEAM Education

As STEM is the building block of STEAM it incorporates all its benefits. With this student learn and understand science, technology, engineering, and math but along with arts, it gives a well-rounded and complete education and know-how to apply creativity to solve problems with principles from their disciple.

STEM to STEAM education

4 Important benefits of STEAM Education are:

1. Increases Creativity.
2. Increased Motor skills: Kids who are into arts it is noticed that they have better hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills.
3. Visual Learning: It is with scientific projects helps to show and reflect their projects and studies in a creative, fun, and enjoyable method, which lets them focus, support problem solving, and improvisation of observation skills.
4. With free flow of imagination their problem-solving skill improves and they learn quicker and more effectively.

Sir Ken Robinson an Educationalist speaking about STEAM in TEDTALK

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39 thoughts on “From STEM to STEAM education

  1. I agree.. Education system needs a transformation and I am glad lot of things are happening . It is a time that students move from being a passive learners to an active learners. Steam to Steam termenology is new to me thanks for sharing dear.

  2. During our school days, they killed talent, creativity and confidence of many students because we had to be how they wanted us to be and do what they wanted us to do… Good things are changing for the better.

  3. With the New Economic Policy being in the pipeline the Indian Education system is up for change. The importance of Art within learning is a great way to beat the future challenges that will be brought in by AI and advance technologies. Informative post and great video. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I didn’t know much about STEAM education thanks for letting me know about it. I got to know of its benefits after reading your post. thanks.

  5. I don’t understand why art is considered different? One of the most creative field that allow people to he able to visualize things and be able to solve problems creatively.

  6. I was the happiest when STEM system got this transformation. This is the need of the hour. In the race of education, often importance of creativity is missed and I am glad this change is taking care of it well.

  7. Thats a very interesting subject Ruchie. I had heard a lot about the benefits of STEM education but really curious after reading about how STEAM education helps in development. I will surely focus on this for my kids development as well.

  8. You explained the concept of incorporation of Art and creativity in Education through the STEM and STEAM very well . In fact rote learning never really helps in creating new ideas , we need more institutions that promote thinking.

  9. What a lovely timing of this post, we are discussing the new education policy on the national level, and how our education system requires overhauling. Glad to learn about this new concept of education.

  10. I had heard a lot about the benefits of STEM education but really excited after reading about how STEAM education helps in kid’s development. I learnt so many new things through the video.

  11. Sir Ken Robinson has explained it so well. I couldn’t agree more to what he said. STEAM education is the change that our children needed, and I am so glad it’s getting all the appreciation it deserves.

  12. I agree with you that Art, creativity, and if you ask me, real life skills and some spirituality and mental health – all of these topics should be made a part of the new education policy. the current education system is extremely one sided and there is a need for balance

  13. We talk about encouraging creativity and talent but the prevailing education system diminishes the chances if any. Add of ART in STEM is much needed. The talk by Robinson is all that we need to act.

  14. I heard a lot about Stem education but never knew Steam education .Your blog has really helped me understand this in detail .Great post

  15. I am so happy to read that STEM has an A in it. It is the need of the hour or else everyone wants to pursue only in the medical or engineering field. My daughter was a topper in school and when she opted for humanities her school principal, teachers students all made fun of her.

  16. My son used to sit and think for hours together. I used to think he would become an introvert and that’s what happened and now my grandson is doing the same. As you pointed out there are many pluses it int.thank you for sharing this 🙂

  17. Hearing Mr. Ken Robinson about STEAM education is so enlightening. I didn’t know its importance so much thanks for sharing this valuable information as a parent I really got benefitted from it.

  18. Art and creativity are not two different sides of the coin. They are the same side of the coin. In fact rote learning never really helps in creating new ideas, it only helps us in remembering the ideas we always always we knew.

  19. Yes, creativity is an important aspect of learning & sadly, the regular curriculum doesn’t lay enough emphasis on that. It’s heartening to see this much needed change in approach.

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