#FlashbackRefreshed by Romila


Mak­ing New Year’s res­o­lu­tions can suck the soul right out of your body. It starts off inno­cent­ly enough with set­ting moti­va­tion­al goals, but most of us are left with a bunch of New Year’s res­o­lu­tions that just end up mak­ing us feel inad­e­quate and depressed, only to repeat the cycle come next Jan­u­ary. There is noth­ing wrong with try­ing to become the best ver­sion of your­self, but many of us become focused on trans­form­ing into some­one com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent through a lofty to-do list for the year ahead. All too often, our res­o­lu­tions bring us down rather than help us focus on our goals for the upcom­ing months, and if you ask me.…..

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