Femina Miss India Throwback

Fem­i­na Miss India is a beau­ty pageant in India that annu­al­ly selects rep­re­sen­ta­tives to com­pete in Miss World, Miss Uni­verse, and Miss Asia Paci­fic.

Every year, every Indi­an await for this pageant to look for­ward most beau­ti­ful girl with brains who will rep­re­sent India on the glob­al stage. 

Since1947, this pageant is hold­ing up its’s val­ues and giv­ing India real beau­ti­ful gems to rep­re­sent our coun­try on an inter­na­tion­al lev­el.

Prami­la (Esther Vic­to­ria Abra­ham), from Cal­cut­ta, was the first Indi­an beau­ty who won the crown of Miss India 1947.

Prami­la (Esther Vic­to­ria Abra­ham), PIC cred­it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femina_Miss_India

In a year, 1952 Indrani Rehman won the title and first time rep­re­sent­ed India at Miss Uni­verse 1952.

Indrani Rehman PIC cred­it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femina_Miss_India

Since then, till Miss India 2016 Priyadarshini Chat­ter­jee every girl is hold­ing this title with pride and car­ry­ing it with grace and dig­ni­ty. 

Like every lit­tle girl, every year since my teens I am equal­ly excit­ed for this pageant and look for­ward to know­ing who is going to win the title.

As Miss India 2017 is round the cor­ner and 30 beau­ti­ful girls from 30 beau­ti­ful states are giv­ing their best to win the title

Pic Cred­it: https://www.facebook.com/feminamissindia/

wig­gling­pen decid­ed to show it’s all time fav Miss India from the past.
So, I was look­ing for my best 5 Fem­i­na Miss India and real­ly got con­fused with so many beau­ties from Zeenat Aman to Juhi Chawla to Aish­warya Rai and final­ly, I  picked my top 5. 

1. Juhi Chawla(1984)

Girl with big dreams, sweet smile, and bub­bly nature Juhi Chawla won the title of MISS INDIA UNIVERSE 1984, crown by beau­ty diva Rekha ji.

Dressed up in Indi­an out­fit Lehn­ga Juhi not only stolen hearts of Indi­ans but when she went to rep­re­sent India in Miss Uni­verse held in Miami, Flori­da, USA was con­ferred with a spe­cial award for Best Nation­al Cos­tume Award which was again Indi­an out­fit Lehn­ga.

2. Shusmita Sen (1994)

Girl with style and smile since from child­hood with­drew her appli­ca­tion from Miss India know­ing that well-known face of fash­ion indus­try Aish­warya Rai is par­tic­i­pat­ing in the con­test but after her mother’s encour­age­ment she par­tic­i­pat­ed and her deter­mi­na­tion made her win­ner of the title.

Few­er peo­ple know that her jour­ney to Miss Uni­verse crown wasn’t an easy one. Being from a mid­dle-class fam­i­ly, she couldn’t afford a design­er dress for Miss Uni­verse but she and her moth­er has not given up.

Her moth­er had actu­al­ly trimmed her socks to make her hand gloves for the pageant. The final out­fit that she wore for the Miss Uni­verse wasn’t a design­er one. It was stitched in a local tai­lor shop. (I just loved her evening gown )

She is an exam­ple of real deter­mi­na­tion.

Pic cred­it: https://indianandworldpageant.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/sush-fotor-2.jpg

She won the title of Miss Uni­verse 1994 and marked Indi­an beau­ty on top of the globe. 

3. Aishwarya Rai (1994)

I still remem­ber we were watch­ing Miss India 1994 and my fav was Aish among all girls with­out know­ing that she is top in fash­ion world. 

I love her smile and she won Miss India -World title and went to rep­re­sent India in Miss World and won the title. 

Look­ing rav­ish­ing in her white evening gown attire.

4. Yukta Mookhey (1999) 

Girl with sparkling eyes not even won mil­lion hearts of Indi­ans but across the world and won the title. 

This  5ft 11in tall lady won the title of Miss India in London’s Olympia the­ater crowned Miss World. 

5. Priyanka Chopra

This small town desi girl dreamed of rock­ing the world with her raw Indi­an beau­ty and won title of Miss India World.

 With her wit­ness and charm­ing smile,  she won the title of Miss World 2000, look­ing rav­ish­ing and classy in her pink evening gown.

My Top five fav: 


Being asso­ci­at­ed with fbb as #Blogstar when I got to know the chal­lenge to recre­ate two my fav looks from Miss India beau­ties …I jumped with joy as like every lit­tle girl it’s like dream to be like Fem­i­na Miss India.

I picked up my two smil­ing beau­ties for recre­at­ing. 


Juhi Chawla car­ried her­self grace­ful­ly in Indi­an attire “Lehn­ga” so I decid­ed to recre­ate this look.

Miss India 1984

Tried with Orange lehn­ga and green blouse with dou­ble shad­ed net dupat­ta we tried giv­ing it total­ly Indi­an look by mix­ing Jod­ha set and mehndi in hands.

We loved recre­at­ing this Indi­an look of 1984 and was hap­py to click such amaz­ing look.


Dekh ke lakh lakh parde­si gal
Sab Toh Soni Saadi Desi Girl
Who’s The Hottest Girl In The World?
My Desi Girl
My Desi Girl”

She is just like next door girl. I loved her pink evening gown which has given her rav­ish­ing and classy look.

Miss India World 2000

Giv­ing pink evening gown a lit­tle twist with a big flow­er on the shoul­der.

Recre­at­ing the look of desi girl in videsi attire made us more hap­py and crazy. Love you PC

Thanks, #fbb for giv­ing me an oppor­tu­ni­ty of cre­at­ing the­se looks.

It’s actu­al­ly “Mak­ing India Beau­ti­ful”


Do let me know in com­ments “Which is your fav Miss India from past ??”


Mod­els: Surb­hi Gup­ta Agar­wal & Urvi Agar­wal

Pic Cred­it: Ajay 

Make­up: Surb­hi Agar­wal 




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