Education trends in India 2020

Education trends in India 2020

October 3, 2020 44 By Ruchi Verma

With changing lifestyles, changing norms of living one thing which is effected the most are changing education trends in India. Education is the basic right of every child it is really important to understand the new setup and policies of the education system.

The system is changed to the self-learning process and in every tier of education, it has recorded a positive change. The thing which majorly changed in education is the sift from subject-based rote learning to more skill-oriented learning methods.

Innovation learning

The stress of learning and memorizing is taken away with innovative learning and practical outlook. Now, the courses are structured and designed in an innovative way and so the assessment module.

This is the new norm and opened up more scope of innovation in India with different ideas from the younger generation.

New learning space

With virtual classes, giving new teaching methods, digitization of classrooms, and technological transformation. Kids are learning in a new environment with more sense of responsibility.

Apart from school or college virtual classed, online education portals are also gaining popularity and clearing kid’s doubts. In real terms, this is the sure shot beginning of the digital era.

Education trends

Challenges for teachers

This new trend is challenging for kids and teachers too. Teachers are facing some very genuine and basic challenges but trying to come over those.

1. Lack of tech-savvy: There are teachers who love to teach kids with an old school teaching methodology and with virtual leaning this is important to learn new techniques and technology to pass kids those right source of education.
2. Lack of support from parents: It happens in many cases all parents are not understanding and cooperating.
3. Multiple tasks for teachers to maintain lectures and household chores.
4. New learnings: This is new even for teachers and they are learning new technology to teach kids.
5. Inspiring students to be more self-directed and complete their assignments and homework.

New Education Policy 2020

The new education policy has a vision for a new education system that should be of high quality, learning, and with a practical approach.
The “10 + 2” structure will be replaced with the “5+3+3+4” model comprises of “foundation stage”, “Preparatory Stage”, “Middle Stage” and “Secondary stage”.

Coding will be introduced from class 6 and experiential learning will be adopted along with other changes in the syllabus and examination process. For more details about this policy, you can check here.

In upcoming blogs, will share new education trends and learning methodology which is followed for teaching and learning of kids.

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