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Well after sharing what marriage is all about in terms of project management system today I am sharing my viewpoint on term “DOWRY” which is very common in marriages.

If you have a daughter what I heard parents starts investment since her birth …well my parents must have done and now question is should I start doing same as they did….

Well my father tried a lot to settle down my eldest sister marriage without dowry as he was against it, he has given her matrimonial ad in TOI starting “LOOKING FOR PERFECT MATCH WITHOUT DOWRY…….” Trust me response was there but finally dowry term turned in GIFTS TO DAUGHTER.

Now coming to the point if I ask brides parents “Why are you ready to give this GIFT TO YOUR DAUGHTER ?” I’m sure about the reply that they would say “It’s for her future ..for her new life” seriously is that this word DOWRY means. A gift which is chosen by groom parents but given by bride parents… Does that little amount of cash is only happiness and sufficient for their daughter for life long.

Same question if I ask grooms parents “Why you ACCEPT GIFT(Dowry) ย from brides parents ?” Answer would be “it’s their way to show happiness and blessings to their daughter.”

On name of some old rituals and customs girls parents keep giving and boy’s parents keep asking about this DOWRY. But I don’t blame grooms parents alone it’s a mistake by both the parties equally, & this so called GIFT never reached to newly married couple for their happiness.

Now coming to how to change this DOWRY 2 WOWry.

Till now what I have seen n learned that both the parents (bride & groom) wants one common thing HAPPINESS OF NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE. Let’s change few things in DOWRY and turn it to WOWry ..

WOWry terms#

1: Create one joint account of Bride & groom with withdrawal locking period of minimum 5 years.

  1. ย As parents want happiness of bride & groom both parents deposit equal amount in that account for happiness of their newly married couple.

  2. Let’s say both party together deposit ?5lac each …with 5 years of locking period that ?10 lac can’t buy happiness for life long so what to do??

  3. Every anniversary both parents deposit same amount as they started with(after all every year they want them to be happy)

Now account is in locking period.

Every women today want & speak about equality so this is time to show and stand equally with your husband share the load of new life together which would be cherished till end of life ,earn take responsibility of EMIs , grocery and every small to big things start new life with love & understanding.

We talk about equality today so let’s share this equally and change this DOWRY2WOWry.

It’s only we who can bring change to this monster ritual called DOWRY.

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