Do your shoes tell about your personality?

Do your shoes tell about your personality?

July 23, 2020 16 By Ruchi Verma

Yes!! Shoes tell about your personality. It’s said that you can judge a person by their shoes and which even my teachers used to tell in the school.

Trust me, automatically even I notice the first thing is the footwear. Every girl or lady when choosing the footwear reflects a lot about her mood, personality, views, social status, etc.

1. Flat shoes:

I am one big fan of flat shoes just because it’s very comfortable. But, it reveals your personality a lot. Research says ” Person who loves flat shoes are hidden leaders, you are one who always wants to ensure that everything should be perfect. You are hardworking, non-fussy, and extremely kind. With traditional trade, you are down to earth person.

Understanding and friendly these two things are inherited but it gives the assumption that you are an extrovert.

2. High heels:

High heels girls are confident and ready to tell others I’m in charge here !! Looking for center stage makes rational decisions, and sees things very clearly. You are extremely determined and not scared of an adventure and are open to possibilities.

Shoes tell about your personality
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You are one who loves to take control of the situation and work in your own way.

3. Wedges and platforms :

Bravo girl!! You are one filled with self-confidence. You know perfectly how to handle style and comfort together. You are practical, straight forward, and equally, have warmth for your relationship.

Shoes tell about your personality

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4. Loafers:

People connected with you can rely on you fully. You are an unshakeable and very detail-driven person. You know how to balance whether a job, friends, or any relationship. Actual feelings of yours are always behind your heart and not reveal to others.

Shoes tell about your personality
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With creative streak, your style is so versatile and you are known as fiercely independent.

5. Sneakers:

If you love sneakers, it is one of the most trendy styles, yet considered as childish but if you love this style it means you are a versatile person. You would love to discover a new place and travel which counts as your favorite hobby but this tends others to think that you are too busy to care about others.

Shoes tell about your personality
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So, next time when you meet someone you can at least can guess her personality as shoes tell about your personality a lot!!

Which shoes do you prefer the most?

ยฉ Ruchie Verma.

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