Digital Technology and Senior Citizens

Digital Technology

Digital technology is booming in India and it’s not only we dream for but also we believe in that. Our Seniors, elders have great zeal to learn new technology and they are getting that faster than we do.

I still remember my dad’s first mail in my mailbox when the first Rediff was introduced. I was surprised and equally happy that he is learning so fast and then it was a regular process getting his mail daily.

When you see your loved ones showing interest to learn new technology you feel proud. Getting notification from my mother in law that she started following me on Instagram was quite worried at once as she never asked me about Instagram or neither she had knowledge about the same.

Out of curiosity when I asked why and where you learn about Instagram and to my surprise she answered “I overheard you talking to a friend that you need to do something so that I get more followers for better workflow, and so I downloaded Instagram and followed you …have you got +1″

This was not only showed what they can do for us to make us happy. But this digital technology brings both good and bad to us.

Digital Technology helping Seniors

Connected to everyone

It’s always tough to take out someone from their secured and happy zone and for them, our seniors their life run behind their old memories, friends, and relatives as they are their earning of life.

When they get used to this digital world it’s easy for them to come out of that shell and stay with their loved ones may be far away in km but certainly connected more via FB, WhatsApp and never-ending video calls.

My mom gets connected to her school friends after decads through FB she was on top of the world. They met after years, gossip and now they have their own big whatsapp school group(bigger than mine).

Not even this staying connected to grandchildren is always worked like medicine for them. Value of grandparents in kids life is so important and if they can stay in touch with FB, Twitter, Insta or WhatsApp it’s going to be a perfect bonding.

Easy to Travel

With apps like OLA and UBER, they very well know how to book cabs and reach the desired destination and with GPS enabled phone it’s easy to locate.

As they send always their live location to us and to their friends it gets easy for us to track them until they reach their destination.

Health Alarms

Digital Technology

Health is major concern for elders and we usually get worried but setting up alarm in their smartwatches(mind it they use smartwatches rather normal watch) and apart from that getting their monthly report online now they tell us not to get that print as we can use the same to show the doctor.


Digital Technology

It’s raining, or they are not well. The condition could be any either related to health or weather if they are not willing or not able to go for small vegetable, fruits or grocery shopping they have apps on their mobile and they order for home delivery. Getting their necessary items on doorsteps is easy and the best part they know how to utilize these apps.

Virtual Assistance

Who don’t like giving orders and technology comes with pros and cons..maybe this virtual assistance makes people lazy or not willing to do anything but for these elders, these are making their life easy. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are the best example of these. Via their voice commands, they can enjoy their set of songs, listen to audiobooks or even can maintain their room temperature and much more.

Smart home technology

Staying alone is really challenging and for these elders, these smart home technologies help them a lot. Devices like LED lighting, auto stove shut-off systems, smart thermostats, home security systems are blessings for them.

It’s great that they are learning and using these digital technologies but we need to let them know that this virtual world is more dangerous and we have to be more vigilant.

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. Hi Ruchi, I always find your posts very relevant because they are about one of the most “neglected” category of our society i.e. senior citizens (that’s my strong personal opinion). The theme of this post is very interesting because technology is quite an enabler and so important for the lot (senior citizens), who in a way are dependent on others. The technology could really help them be independent and struggle-free in lot of their concern areas. The only challenge is to help them get conversant with these basic technology tools and apps.

  2. New technology is really very useful for senior citizens.

  3. You have covered all the points that make digital technology helpful for seniors. But, I always feel protected about my parents using social media as there are too many scams also prevelant. We kids keep telling them to stay safe. 🙂

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