Daughter’s Puberty- Untangle her doubts

Daughter’s Puberty- Untangle her doubts

May 6, 2020 25 By Ruchi Verma

We just discussed how to deal with your son during his puberty, which is definitively a less talked topic. Coming up with some important changes to your little princess, your daughter’s puberty which you will start noticing and she will for sure need your guidance.

There are so many taboos and myths connected with a girl’s puberty. But, it’s time for you to pass on correct knowledge to your daughter so she has a peaceful transition.

Now the question is when and how to talk to your little princess who just started feeling a little responsible and big girl. Talking about this transition should not scare her. For all this, you need to be vigilant and very calm.

Signs of Changes during your daughter’s Puberty

As a mother, you could be her best friend to teach her about the changes she will face as you have gone through the same phase. There will be some physical and emotional or mental changes your girl will go through before she hit puberty.

Physical Changes

1. Her height will increase and she might be taller than her male classmates.

2. Hair growth will start in the underarms, legs, and hands even to the pubic area.

3. The development of breasts will start.

4. Body shape changes, hips, and thighs broaden.

5. Might get pimples and oily skin because of increased oil gland production.

6. The body develops own odor and sweating increases.

Emotional Changes

1. There will be certain mood swings from anger, sadness to other emotional fluctuations.

2. You can call it excitement or anxiety about the changes.

3. More worried and concern about social acceptance, looks, and additional responsibilities.

5. Feeling differs and gets attracted differently.

Daughter's Puberty

Tips to share with them, to deal with these changes

Now, every child is unique, and their way of handling changes. You will be right there to guide her with your way. Some tips which make this journey smooth.

Be aware: We all are busy in our lives, but one thing which we should not miss is our family, our kids, and those changes. Make sure you notice and be aware of these changes happening to her. She might not notice these changes, but you may notice.

Guide her for right undergarments, basics: Introduce bra to her which will provide support and help her feel more comfortable with these changes.

Skin Care: Now because of increased oil gland production your girl and even your son will face pimples, acne, or blackheads. Now as their hormones are changing these changes are natural and for which tell her to maintain proper care of her skin by cleaning her face minimum twice a day.

Body Odor: Teach her it is normal to get body odor, but important is to take proper care by washing regularly with soapโ€“at least once a day and especially after physical activity. Apply deodorant after a bath, and wash underarms properly.

Body Hair: Now this is something which some want to remove or not. Cleanliness and hygiene should be the utmost priority and so if your girl wants to remove hair from underarms, legs, and hands, guide her on how to use wax strips or razor.

Space is something we all need. Give her space to understand, if she wants to spend some time alone, give her that time. You be available and look for an opportunity to talk.

Daughter’s Puberty- Mensuration

The major and biggest transition is when your daughter’s puberty mensuration starts. But, before it starts you as a mother you should prepare her well giving her the right knowledge of how and why this change occurs in a women’s body.

The biggest challenge many moms faced is- “How to start the conversation?’

Now understand passing right knowledge starts when you tell her what exactly mensuration is she is too young and small to understand the medical terminology. In simple words, you can explain-

1. All women undergo these changes, me, your grandmamma, your aunt, your sister, and cousins all. It’s a normal change that occurs every month in your body.

2. The small oval organ(Ovaries) in your body releases eggs every month and blood comes out from the vagina for 4-5 days or a maximum of 7 days.

Daughter's Puberty
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3. Every 28 days, one ovary releases an egg called ovulation. Now when ovulation takes place, and the egg doesn’t get fertile, the egg passes through the uterus out of the body, and the lining of the uterus also sheds through the vagina which called as a period.

4. Make sure you tell her that every girl has different symptoms during this period. She might get cramps, pain which is normal and need not worry.

5. Maintain hygiene is the most important, change your pads after every 5- 6 hours and dispose of properly wrapped in newspaper.

These things will surely help her too well prepared and in case you are not around and she gets her periods in school make her first mensuration kit and hand over to her and guide to open in case of an emergency if she gets her periods in school.

First mensuration kit

1. Spare Underwear: Since it will be first periods, so make sure you put 2-3 panties/underwear in the pouch.

2. Panty liners and sanitary pads: Tell your daughter how to put panty liners and sanitary pad and keep a minimum of 4 pads in case of heavy flow she can change.

3. Hand sanitizer: This is important to maintain hygiene.

4. Ziplock pouch: Keep a zip lock pouch to keep your underpants to wash later.

5. Chocolates and a note: This will sure to bring a smile on her face. You prepared her well, but a minor note saying ” I love you” or “Worry not to keep smiling” will boost her energy, and chocolate will make her mood fresh.

Some guidelines when to visit Gynaecologist: There are some cases when you need expert advice and visit Gynaecologist with your daughter if she not yet started her periods till the age of 16.

If periods are not regular, too early than 20 days or late by 45 days. Even if she is bleeding heavily, changing her pads every 2 hours.

Guide her, be with her to make her easy to understand the transition she will face. You can make your daughter comfortable and understand these changes.

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