Daughter Vs Mother

Life is so fun­ny it gives you back what you do.

This Woman’s day my trib­ute to all won­der­ful moth­ers of this world !! Well, I men­tioned this post as Daugh­ter Vs Moth­er, it’s not about the fight between two beau­ti­ful crea­ture of the God, but it’s 2 faces of a sin­gle wom­an whose life turns when she switch the role from a daugh­ter to a moth­er…

Why we always says “PAPA KI PARI ” why it is assumed and said “daddy’s girl and momma’s boy ” have you ever thought about it?

Well, as a daugh­ter if some­one ask me whom I was close to I say my papa and if some­one ask me whom I admire most, I say my mom <3 now the dif­fer­ence is dad’s are always a best friend who pam­pers you, goes crazy play with you and make sure what­ev­er you wish for you get that.

40a1ff3325551d204c5128eac296610cOn the oth­er hand, if you ask your mom or rather force your mom to get some­thing for you, she will give you hun­dred rea­sons to adjust in what you have rather wast­ing mon­ey.

As a daugh­ter, I remem­ber when­ev­er I asked any per­mis­sion from my mom she always answered say­ing “ask dad” I nev­er under­stood that point of time. I was being most pam­pered daugh­ter of my dad and nev­er thought about what all going to be. My mom always said “Study hard and be inde­pen­dent” but at that del­i­cate age when all girls 80% fall in love or dream about their crush I too joined that 80% and think­ing “Mom is like Hitler ”

When I used to go to col­lege to attend a lec­ture at 6:00 am my mom was always ready with hot tiffin packed for me which some­times irri­tat­ed me and I went with­out tak­ing that tiffin and casu­al­ly say­ing ” I will have in can­teen ” nev­er thought what she would have felt. I love my mom it doesn’t mean that I nev­er felt bad but yes as a daugh­ter I thought it’s my right and lib­er­ty to leave my room unor­ga­nized and when some­thing goes miss­ing the only word which echoes “Mum­myyyyy Mum­m­myyyyyy”

By God’s grace and my parent’s  wish­es, I got mar­ried to a won­der­ful per­son and my bet­ter half. With full Bol­ly­wood style dreams, I entered in new phase of life and thought I will make my life like a cake with won­der­ful icing of love and my kids as cher­ry on top and from a daugh­ter when my life took a turn towards a MOTHER now I real­ize what moth­ers go through as now I am in her shoes. super-woman-multitasking-illustration_23-2147534278

I still love my dad most but I salute my mom for giv­ing me upbring­ing to adjust in what­ev­er I have in life, I thank my dad for ful­fill­ing my every sin­gle wish but I owe my life to my moth­er who always says “study hard and be inde­pen­dent ” now I realise after being a moth­er that what she meant by being inde­pen­dent it’s not about 9 am to 6 am job she was talk­ing about, she was try­ing to tell that you will get 24/7 job but don’t loose your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty and keep space for your dreams and your hob­bies. If she was stand­ing with hot tiffin for me at 6 am means she was much ear­ly got up think­ing I should not be hun­gry after my lec­ture. Round a clock when I think about my kids, I pre­pare for their exams I feel sor­ry for being some­times so rude and self­ish to my mom.

I am not feel­ing shame­ful say­ing sor­ry on this social plat­form to my mom for hurt­ing known or unknow­ing­ly but this SORRY is straight from my heart <3 to mom.

Now I real­ize why in Hindi all says “Jab maa banogi tab pata chale­ga..”

Yes.… I con­fessed that I feel sor­ry and bad for my deeds I did as a daugh­ter to my mom.. do you also have to say any­thing to you mom …share your feel­ings .. NOW

Writ­ten for Masoom as a Guest Post

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  1. The post is so spe­cial. I will keep it book­marked! Loved the writ­ing. The tran­si­tion is tough and there­fore I guess the Almighty has select­ed the best human “Wom­en” for the task. Keep going Ruchi !

  2. i went to hostel at a very ear­ly age… at 9 to be pre­cise and missed all the fun.… but I remem­ber when I use to come home dur­ing sum­mer and win­ter vaca­tions.…. my mom use to pre­pare hun­dreds of dish­es as if I will eat them all in one go.…. some­times it irri­tat­ed and aston­ished me.…. but it was pure love.…..

  3. Indeed, there are some­things that you under­stand why your moth­er did only when you become a moth­er your­self. Dads are sweet but mums are strong!

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