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When I was small always cry on one thing “Why my friend is always be in center of any group dance.. I too dance well (I do 😉 ) ?

My mother always says and still tell me “Not all five fingers are equal … and so God also created everyone so different”. Today I realize that yes, she is right …not even we two sisters are of same temperament then how can two different people coming from two different background.

 Now I feel rather finding out “WHO I AM?” I should work on “WHAT I SHOULD BE?” , Yes I believe in this, i want to create myself so that my kids remember me as an example, I should create myself rather finding out what in me …

For creating myself what things I found very necessary to be in yourself :

  1. BE HONEST: I expect people to be honest with me then why I can;t be …we get what we give and I truly believe that if I am honest then other person will be honest to me ..Honesty is the spinal cord of any relationship. Very first thing what I want in myself to create myself is HONESTY.
  2. GOOD LISTENER: I always love to be a part of a debates and all but to be successful as a speaker I need to be a good listener first.
  3. BE POLITE: Words once said can’t be taken back and if those words are going to hurt someone it wold be with them for life long so I want to create myself with my polite nature.
  4. LET GO OF ANGER: Letting go of anger is easier said than done. While anger is a perfectly normal emotion, you can’t let it fester. When this happens, you may make unwise decisions, and more important, it may affect your health. So hope & wish that I never take any decision in anger.
  5. FORGIVENESS: I really don’t know how my mother does it till now, she even forgive thief once who snatched her gold chain saying “that’s his karma, I forgive him “, I really want to learn this to forgive others from heart not only by saying.
  6. NO EXCUSES: Not completing any task and giving excuse is really not cool, I don’t like to give excuses for any thing wrong or unattempted thing. I strictly believe that you can work on anything if you are passionate about so NO excuses for me.
  7. HELPFUL: If you can please never hesitate to help others.being helpful is one of the easiest and most effective ways to practice becoming a better person.
  8. BE YOURSELF: These include being able to align yourself with your values and beliefs, establish your identity, build courage, create boundaries, and find focus and direction.
  9. EDUCATE YOURSELF: If you don’t understand why one country is invading another, take the time to educate yourself on the current event. Ask a person intimately connected with the event for his or her thoughts. Remember, we’re all interconnected, and being aware of different cultures, different people, and what their lives are like can make you a more well-rounded individual. This will also help you understand points of view different from your own, and remember to share your knowledge as I always say “sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge.”
  10. BE RESPECTFUL: Never loose your dignity, this is last and most important part of your life.


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This post is written for Write Tribe #FridayReflections under prompt  “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about  creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw.

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  1. Your last one “never lose your dignity” resonates especially with me, as I help to care for my mother in law, who is in her late 80’s. She never wants to lose her dignity – hair is always impeccable, always dressed well. Except on days when she isn’t well, and that has to be so hard for her.

  2. these are really good points. Being a great listener is a quality that a lot of people need. In their attempt to tell their own stories, they hardly listen to what others are saying. Loved the last point the most.

  3. Guidelines to a perfect life ..motivational indeed

  4. You have covered some beautiful points here, Ruchi! Even the smallest of things matters when you correct yourself and here we’re talking about creating oneself.So a nice post in that regard. 🙂

  5. Well said! These are definitely the essentials in building oneself. We really must focus on what we should be rather than worrying about what we are. Inspiring post. 🙂

  6. It is a much needed post.We do need to cultivate our personality for feeling good about ourselves

  7. I liked this post a lot. And very very valid one if we can learn , incorporate and create a new self with all those qualities. Awesome post, Thank you for writing this.

    1. Thanks for hopping & liking it !!

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