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When I was small always cry on one thing “Why my friend is always be in cen­ter of any group dance.. I too dance well (I do 😉 ) ?

My moth­er always says and still tell me “Not all five fin­gers are equal … and so God also cre­at­ed every­one so dif­fer­ent”. Today I real­ize that yes, she is right …not even we two sis­ters are of same tem­pera­ment then how can two dif­fer­ent peo­ple com­ing from two dif­fer­ent back­ground.

 Now I feel rather find­ing out “WHO I AM?” I should work on “WHAT I SHOULD BE?” , Yes I believe in this, i want to cre­ate myself so that my kids remem­ber me as an exam­ple, I should cre­ate myself rather find­ing out what in me …

For cre­at­ing myself what things I found very nec­es­sary to be in your­self :

  1. BE HONEST: I expect peo­ple to be hon­est with me then why I can;t be …we get what we give and I tru­ly believe that if I am hon­est then oth­er per­son will be hon­est to me ..Hon­esty is the spinal cord of any rela­tion­ship. Very first thing what I want in myself to cre­ate myself is HONESTY.
  2. GOOD LISTENER: I always love to be a part of a debates and all but to be suc­cess­ful as a speak­er I need to be a good lis­ten­er first.
  3. BE POLITE: Words once said can’t be tak­en back and if those words are going to hurt some­one it wold be with them for life long so I want to cre­ate myself with my polite nature.
  4. LET GO OF ANGER: Let­ting go of anger is eas­ier said than done. While anger is a per­fect­ly nor­mal emo­tion, you can’t let it fes­ter. When this hap­pens, you may make unwise deci­sions, and more impor­tant, it may affect your health. So hope & wish that I nev­er take any deci­sion in anger.
  5. FORGIVENESS: I real­ly don’t know how my moth­er does it till now, she even for­give thief once who snatched her gold chain say­ing “that’s his kar­ma, I for­give him “, I real­ly want to learn this to for­give oth­ers from heart not only by say­ing.
  6. NO EXCUSES: Not com­plet­ing any task and giv­ing excuse is real­ly not cool, I don’t like to give excus­es for any thing wrong or unat­tempt­ed thing. I strict­ly believe that you can work on any­thing if you are pas­sion­ate about so NO excus­es for me.
  7. HELPFUL: If you can please nev­er hes­i­tate to help others.being help­ful is one of the eas­i­est and most effec­tive ways to prac­tice becom­ing a bet­ter per­son.
  8. BE YOURSELF: The­se include being able to align your­self with your val­ues and beliefs, estab­lish your iden­ti­ty, build courage, cre­ate bound­aries, and find focus and direc­tion.
  9. EDUCATE YOURSELF: If you don’t under­stand why one coun­try is invad­ing anoth­er, take the time to edu­cate your­self on the cur­rent event. Ask a per­son inti­mate­ly con­nect­ed with the event for his or her thoughts. Remem­ber, we’re all inter­con­nect­ed, and being aware of dif­fer­ent cul­tures, dif­fer­ent peo­ple, and what their lives are like can make you a more well-round­ed indi­vid­u­al. This will also help you under­stand points of view dif­fer­ent from your own, and remem­ber to share your knowl­edge as I always say “shar­ing knowl­edge is gain­ing knowl­edge.”
  10. BE RESPECTFUL: Nev­er loose your dig­ni­ty, this is last and most impor­tant part of your life.


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This post is writ­ten for Write Tribe #Fri­dayRe­flec­tions under prompt  “Life isn’t about find­ing your­self. Life is about  cre­at­ing your­self.” – George Bernard Shaw.

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  1. Your last one “nev­er lose your dig­ni­ty” res­onates espe­cial­ly with me, as I help to care for my moth­er in law, who is in her late 80’s. She nev­er wants to lose her dig­ni­ty — hair is always impec­ca­ble, always dressed well. Except on days when she isn’t well, and that has to be so hard for her.

  2. the­se are real­ly good points. Being a great lis­ten­er is a qual­i­ty that a lot of peo­ple need. In their attempt to tell their own sto­ries, they hard­ly lis­ten to what oth­ers are say­ing. Loved the last point the most.

  3. You have cov­ered some beau­ti­ful points here, Ruchi! Even the small­est of things mat­ters when you cor­rect your­self and here we’re talk­ing about cre­at­ing oneself.So a nice post in that regard. 🙂

  4. Well said! The­se are def­i­nite­ly the essen­tials in build­ing one­self. We real­ly must focus on what we should be rather than wor­ry­ing about what we are. Inspir­ing post. 🙂

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