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Crispy Yogurt Balls

Hung yogurt 1cup
Green chill­ies 2 chopped
Corian­der leaves 2tb­sp
Onion 1
Chat masala. 1tsp
Black pep­per to taste
Salt to taste
Rice flour 3 to 5tb­sp
Raisins few

1.Take hung yogurt in bowl, add green chilli, corian­der leaves,chopped onion, chat masala, black pap­per and salt.Mix all
2.Than add rice flour for bind­ing . Mix all thor­ough­ly.
3 . Divide the mix­ture into equall por­tion balls.Take each ball in the hand and flat­ten it, stuffed 1–2 raisins in the centre.Shape like balls.
4.Heat suf­fi­cient oil then deep fry till gold­en brown.After remove on kitchen paper .
Serve hot with toma­to ketchup.


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