Nut­ty Balls
100 gms atta
100 gms pis­si chin­ni
70 gm white but­ter
15 gms milk
1/2 tsp bak­ing pow­der
1/2 tsp cof­fee pow­der
100 gms nuts almonds, wal­nuts crushed light­ly

Beat sug­ar and but­ter till fluffy.
Sieve atta, bak­ing pow­der, cof­fee pow­der and fold into the sug­ar but­ter mix­ture. Add the nuts. Make a soft dough with milk and roll into lit­tle balls.
On a greased bak­ing tray keep the­se balls flat­ten the tops and dec­o­rate with halves of almonds or wal­nuts. Bake at 180°C for 15 min­utes. Cool & serve.

Choco-Bik­is Cake

100 gms bis­cuit
Cof­fee pow­der – 25 gms
Pow­ders sug­ar – 70 gms
Cocoa pow­der – 4 tbsp
Vanil­la essence – 2 tsp
But­ter – 2 tbsp
Wal­nuts crushed — 100 gms

Boil 50 ml water. Add cof­fee. Dip bis­cuits one by one. Now take an alu­minum foil and arrange bis­cuits one on top of the oth­er. Keep the bis­cuits side ways. Now in a small bowl melt but­ter add Pow­ders sug­ar, Cocoa pow­der, keep stir­ring till it’s a lit­tle thick. Remove from heat. Add vanil­la essence. Coat the bis­cuits with this mix­ture. Wrap this foil well and keep in the freez­er for 2 hours. Remove and arrange on a plate. Dec­o­rate with chopped wal­nuts. Cut and serve.


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