Charmaine Timothy- Woman behind The Wonder Woman World

With full of grace and positive vibes, Charmaine Timothy is the lady who is behind one of the biggest platform the wonder woman world. She is based in Bangalore and had a simple thought “We can bring spark and light to other woman life by sharing encouraging and inspiring stories in front of them” and this got among us WWW.

Speaking to her, she mentioned how with her amazing and exciting role at work she felt something is missing in life and she urges to do something really meaningful and good for society.

Sharing how she got an idea to start WWW, she mentioned “One incident helped open my eyes to it all – my daughter who was 6 years old then was role-playing. She had worn a cape, wanted me to call her the Wonder Woman and showed me how she was fighting the pretend villains around her. That was it. I realized that that is exactly what we women do. We wear our invisible capes and crowns, get through our daily lives fighting inner and external demons. We all have a wonder women, inside of us – I wanted the world to see it and more importantly, I wanted the woman I write about to see it! The idea of writing about women who either already know how strong and fabulous they are or who need help to see it was what made me start The Wonder Women World.”


I can so relate to this and agree as even I find every story of hard work, challenge and success an interesting story. I remember my maid when she told how she came out of domestic violence marriage and now feeding her daughter but giving her good education to stand on her feet, that really inspires me. Like Charmaine, I too believe that women in any field can really spark others to do much better and best in life.

Building such a big platform for women to share their stories is not a one day job there must be challenges and failures, to which she mentioned: ” With two kids and fulfilling job and other household work, chasing a dream which I was passionate about was certainly a challenge but what keeps me moving and keeping the WWW up to mark was those stories and now when 56000+ women give me thumbs up it felt a moment of accomplishing one more step towards my dream.”

She is a true inspiration who really taught me that ” Balancing conflicting priorities and ensuring no one role overshadows another is what we need to do and achieve the goal.”

Charmaine shared her mantra with us “Remind yourself every day that you are phenomenal and you have what it takes to make your dreams come true. Don’t just keep that dream of yours at the back of your mind, write it down, plan for it, and take tiny steps towards making it happen. As a woman, you’ll be pulled in different directions and you will always have a long list of things to do but stay practical, patient and positive. And if on that odd day it gets stormy and difficult, just tell yourself Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain”

Charmaine Timothy, is a true inspiration for every woman who wants to live with their dream and chase them with equal passion.

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  1. Mujhe aise log bahut inspire karty hain, wish ki kabhi by face aise logo se mil saku

  2. I know Charmaine, but never got an opportunity to work together. She is a real inspiration.

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