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12 lessons learnt in 12 months

Smile 🙂 : You will see reflection of yourself the way you treat the world . Life is too short to complain and blame. You ….

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“Everyday is not as same as yesterday” This is the only thought Akansha was thinking sitting outside police station waiting for her mother in laws ….

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Movie relates – Tadka Tuesday

Movie with which I can relate what is still going on in our society is “Lajja” A woman oriented powerful movie that talks of the ….

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A fear , I fear no more

Everyone has a fear, fear of water, fear of loosing someone, fear of fire and what not but my fear was about fear of getting ….

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UnPredictable Life

Life is so unpredictable that you get what is unexpected. I still remember the day my life when my life turned and my journey took ….

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Zero a new beginning

Clock shows 00:00 ,  it’s a beginning of new day, new month or a new year,  it’s beginning of new hope , new ray or ….

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Multi talent beauty!!

In my life I came across many people but few mark impression in your life just by simple things. My mother is my biggest inspiration ….

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Celebrity Dinner

Well, It would be pleasure if I get chance to invite 6 Celebrities for dinner. I would, without a second thought will invite top 6 ….

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Magical life

Day 15  Journey in #HalfMarathon not only taught me how to keep updated my blog but also I have gained so much knowledge from cobloggers ….

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