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Colours of togetherness of blogging

This post is written for #WriteBravely Day 2 Picture prompt When I looked on this pic one thing which reminded me how much we all ….

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Veere are for life ….not for days!!

If you have true Veere in life you are blessed, I read somewhere on social media that “If you are friends for more than 7 ….

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Challenge to OpenNTalk

I remember when I started my blog, it was just about sharing what I know to the entire world but it was a challenge for ….

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Zipper trend taking fashion to next level

Started this series of fashion with ethnic wear which I personally loved Anarkali comes to an end to most trending fashion style with zipper. Gold ….

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Yoke Fashion style to be noticed

After Anarkali to X-Ray fabric time to share next in series which is Yoke fashion. Let’s check what exactly yoke fashion is all about. To ….

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X-Ray fabric fashion meets science in style

As far as I remember my education I learned that X-Ray means science behind it and usually used in medical terms but when I started ….

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Winter fashion to enjoy winters with style

The season should not affect your style and fashion. Winters when you get a chilly breeze and still need to step out of your comfort zone ….

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Vent a fashion for ease

Till now you know about few fashion and style which is not restricted to one kind and even few fashion style are Unisex.  Now, something I ….

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Unisex fashion, one for all just style and sparkle

Fashion is for everyone and then some are which is for both genders and those are unisex fashion apparels. There are so many fashions which ….

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Trompe L’Oeil fashion of illusion and style

The fashion of illusion, little different and interesting as it sounds. When I decided my series on fashion I was waiting to mention this style ….

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Sporty spot and trend

Eat healthily, drink healthy and exercise daily is what my mom always says and I am so bad in doing exercise daily but yes what ….

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Raglan sleeves new fashion trending with style and look

After checking your style Quotient now it’s time again for some cool trends and fashion and when we say the latest trend Raglan is one which ….

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Style quotient..What is your’s?

Looking stylish doesn’t mean that you have to be a perfectionist with fashion but perfect for your style quotient. Looking fashionable yet stylish is not ….

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Plus size fashion for more confidence and styling

Fashion is for everyone and it doesn’t look at what body structure you have. Plus size fashion has so much great varieties and styles that ….

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