Don’t let your dreams leave you alone

This post is written for #WriteBravely for the Picture Prompt Yes, I have said sky is your limit let no one decide what is your limit of dreams, but have you turned back and realized what you have left behind chasing that one dream. Don’t let your dreams leave you alone. I decided to follow my heart and…

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Have you left something behind climbing stairs of dreams

This post is written for #WriteBravely for the Picture Prompt Stairs of dreams, I climbed I followed my heart and now when looking back I feel I left behind so many things to achieve that one dream of mine.  Started from that yellow line carrying with me some luck from friends, some promises which I made to loved…

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Fate is what we want and we are

This post is written for #WriteBravely for the Quote Prompts “Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.” I remember my dad used to say to me “You will be what you think and behave like” I never used to understand the depth of this. My dad who never believed…

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Colours of togetherness of blogging

This post is written for #WriteBravely Day 2 Picture prompt When I looked on this pic one thing which reminded me how much we all are connected and together. This togetherness not only keeps us bonded but somewhere brings healthy competition…. Oh !! let me explain what exactly this pic is all about. I am…

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Veere are for life ….not for days!!

If you have true Veere in life you are blessed, I read somewhere on social media that “If you are friends for more than 7 years, you are no more friends …you are family”. Friendship is a beautiful relationship which we carry from our childhood till life. I feel blessed that I have few such relations…

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Challenge to OpenNTalk

I remember when I started my blog, it was just about sharing what I know to the entire world but it was a challenge for me to really speak up my mind thinking will my write up will be accepted and will I be able to give what my readers want.  Today, when my readers…

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Zipper trend taking fashion to next level

Started this series of fashion with ethnic wear which I personally loved Anarkali comes to an end to most trending fashion style with zipper. Gold or silver tooth zipper is commonly used in jeans but now it trends and creating buzz with various outfits with some style and class. The zipper is not only stuck…

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Yoke Fashion style to be noticed

After Anarkali to X-Ray fabric time to share next in series which is Yoke fashion. Let’s check what exactly yoke fashion is all about. To support the looser part of any garment Yoke is a shaped pattern piece fitted around neck, shoulder or around the hips.  Yoke fashion is really common and most of you…

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X-Ray fabric fashion meets science in style

As far as I remember my education I learned that X-Ray means science behind it and usually used in medical terms but when I started learning more in fashion surprised to know about X-Ray fabric fashion.  What is X-Ray fabric? In 2008, sheer fashion trend started from Europe and these are see-through fabrics. Any garment…

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Winter fashion to enjoy winters with style

The season should not affect your style and fashion. Winters when you get a chilly breeze and still need to step out of your comfort zone for some gathering or weekend fun. Let us begin some fun you can have with your style in winters. Must have few of these winter wear in your closet. Leather…

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